I recently took my five-year-old daughter to see the new rendition of the movie, Cinderella, staring Lily James and Cate Blanchett. Dressed in her light blue-sparkly Cinderella skirt, hair in a tight bun, black choker on, with a magic wand in hand, her big brown eyes were pierced to the screen with curiosity. Every now and then, they would make their way to the left of me to ask a bunch of the “why’s” — “Why did her mom have to die? Why is her stepmother so mean? Why won’t they let Cinderella go to the ball?” Etc… etc… You get the big picture — no pun intended. And if you have little ones, you really understand.

However, even with all the “why”s” and the little wiggle worm that wouldn’t stop squirming in her chair, who barely even fit in her seat, I have to say, I highly enjoyed it myself! She made her way onto my lap, and we cuddled throughout most of the movie together.

Yes, the acting was great! And the costume design, phenomenal, but Cinderella has always been my favorite princess story. Not just because she lives happily ever after with handsome Prince Charming in a beautiful castle, ruling over all the land together… okay, maybe that is why, LOL! No, but really, it’s more because of the message the story delivers.

Cinderella is beautiful on the outside, but most importantly, throughout all of her hardships (and she had a ton), she remained kind, humble, and courageous.


The beginning of the movie gives a little backdrop to Cinderella’s personal family life growing up, and the relationship she had with her mom and her dad, and how much that shaped her into the kind, wonderful young woman that she grew into. Her mom falls ill, and right before she passes, she tells “Ella” in the movie, “You have more kindness on your fingertip than most people have in their whole bodies.” She makes Ella promise to always “be kind, and always have courage.” Ella who later becomes Cinderella in the movie, never breaks her promise to her mother, even throughout all the horrific mistreatment from her evil stepmother and stepsisters. And from the beginning, Cinderella, always was kind and gentle with nature and animals, even believing in a little magic.

So, the moral of the story, in my opinion is this… if you remain to be a beautiful person on the inside, even with all the evil that still exists — whether it be jealousy, injustice, unfairness, abuse, etc… — if you remain true to yourself, treat people and your planet kindly, believe in something bigger than yourself exists out there and is watching (whether you want to call it magic, the universe, God, or even the law of attraction), it comes back to you double-fold. Eventually, your karma will catch up with you — good or bad. It did with the evil stepmother, and it absolutely did with Cinderella who got everything she could have wished for and more!

Never stop believing… because “the dreams that you wish will come true!” But, most importantly, always be kind and have courage. And you may ask, “Why?” Like my innocent five-year-old. Because, you’ll get it back; you get what you give.

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