About Me

Since the day that I picked up my grandmother’s booklet of poetry as a kid, I have been fascinated and passionate about writing!  I didn’t realize that I wanted to actually be a writer until late in college when I decided to major in Journalism/Broadcasting at Florida International University, where I graduated from in 2003.  Originally, I wanted to become the next Oprah Winfrey, and we all know there’s only room for one Oprah in the world!

It was shortly after I graduated college and couldn’t get a job in my field when I started creative writing for fun, and realized that I loved it more than holding a microphone and chasing people down for interviews, especially during their darkest hours.  During that time, I also became Vice President/Director of PR of a 501 C3 non-profit charitable foundation, Rainbow Guardian.  You can read more about that on my Rainbow Guardian page.

I feel as though in my young life, I’ve had some pretty great accomplishments so far!  During college, I interned at WSVN 7 with Deco Drive (entertainment news).  I had the opportunity to write a couple entertainment stories aired on Channel 7, cover some of the biggest parties in South Florida, along with interview and meet some interesting celebrities, including: Donald Trump (currently the President of the USA), Paris Hilton, the late Robert Schimmel, Nickelback, etc…

I have written and completed three pieces of work that I am extremely proud of!  The first two are children’s books: a humorous chapter book, MURPHY: THE PHAT CAT (an animal talking book about a large cat who saves his neighborhood from a gang of feisty burrowing owls), and a middle-grade fantasy novel, RAINBOW CRYSTAL (about a 10-year-old girl who goes on an adventure in a world inside a rainbow after loosing her best friend in a tragic accident).  Than there is a screenplay I co-wrote (based on a true story about my Italian great-grandparents).  It is currently being shopped and reviewed by different talent, management, and producers in Hollywood.

RAINBOW CRYSTAL is in the publishing process and will be released on May 15, 2018 by ASTRAEA PRESS (CLEAN READS)!!!

Besides my passion for writing, I love to read on a regular basis.  I read anything from middle-grade fiction, YA romance, to New Age & inspirational to self-help books.  Some of my favorite books include: TWILIGHT Series by Stephenie Meyer; HARRY POTTER Series by J.K. Rowling; EAT PRAY LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert; The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.  I also love movies, anything to do with Hollywood (especially Leonardo DiCaprio’s work), fitness, shopping, food, and a stimulating conversation over a great cup of coffee or glass of red wine!  My three favorite movies of all-time are: MOONSTRUCK, PRINCESS BRIDE, and FAMILY MAN.

Most importantly, my favorite thing in the world to do is spend time with my beautiful family.  I have an eight-year-old daughter, Bella Leena, and she is the light, joy, and stress of my life!  LOL!  She’s also a much better teacher to me than I could ever be to her.  My husband of twelve years, Richard, is my best friend, spiritual partner, and person I laugh and cry with more than anyone else in the world.  Our son, Lorenzo Philip,  is three-and-a-half and will be turning four on May 28th (our anniversary).  He’s taught us more unconditional love and joy that we could’ve ever imagined. He’s our earth angel.

We also have three bulldogs (Fiona, Bleu, and Buster), a beautiful white rag doll cat with blue eyes named Gracie, and two exotic, albino lizards (Flame and Ice).  I am surrounded by much love and many blessings.