Strength & Hope

Two weeks ago, I posted a picture of a rainbow over our house. It was four days before Hurricane Irma hit our beautiful state of Florida. All of us were feared & frantic, as we sat and waited for this ravaging beast, slowly approaching. We had no idea what the outcome would be (the ugly side of nature). Through the anticipation, I saw this vision, and this symbol (the beautiful side of nature) ~ a rainbow, right over the backyard of our house. This was “my” sign that all would be okay.

It was okay. It is. If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it. After the storm, the sun will come out again. You must get through the rain, to get to the rainbow. It was there to show me ~ and to all who also saw it as well and now ~ a glimpse of “hope.”

It doesn’t mean that there wasn’t an extreme amount of stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, no power, heat exhaustion, clean-up, keeping kids busy and safe, etc… but we are still okay. We’re safe. We made it through ~ to the rainbow. Our homes are okay. It could’ve been much worse. I am so grateful. I say this while expressing my deepest thoughts and prayers to the people who lost theirs in the Caribbean and the Keys (they got hit the worst)! Also, to the people of Puerto Rico and Mexico who are currently dealing with their own natural disasters.  But, they will rebuild. They are strong. Life finds an amazing grace to somehow move on. Florida has always been resilient and strong, which brings me to the next word I want to empathize, “strength.”

There is good that always comes from bad, and it’s necessary for our growth. Because through Irma’s furry, she showed us where we have our own, where we are weak, what needs cleansing and fixing, and what no longer is working. She made us get out with the old and in with the new. She made us face our fears, in order to see where our faith and courage lie.

This storm and aftermath of it brought on many challenges to me, my family, and I know, many others. I won’t elaborate too much because I’d be here forever. But let’s just say we faced, we came together, and we conquered. However, she didn’t just do that for me. I’m sure, Irma did that for many, many others as well and is continuing on doing that.

She may have showed us where our weaknesses are and where we can improve, but mainly it showed us how strong we are as a unit, how we can truly come together, and how we can endure (putting everything else aside). That’s the gift that Irma gave us. She showed us that we’re stronger than we realize. Through our strengths come our greatest gifts to ourselves and the world.

Through support and unity, we are unbreakable. The spirit is a pretty incredible entity, isn’t it? It truly is unbreakable. And when we have no other choice but to be strong, we are. Stronger than we know.

I believe that these natural disasters that are currently going on is not God punishing us, because God is an all-loving, non-judgemental God who doesn’t punish us.  No. No. We find a way of doing that all on our own.  This is a collective energy field that we have created. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and decisions all produce energy.  This energy goes out there into the universe.  Just think about how fierce that energy has been in the world lately!  It has to go somewhere and form into an even greater energy force.  These storms are a really large mirror image of what we have going on inside ourselves – rage, furry, disaster, strength, fighting, destroying, and cleansing, etc… it is us. Once we figure out our own storm inside, and cleanse ourselves, that’s when it stops.  It always comes back down to making us see what is inside ourselves, fix it, rid of what’s no longer right, cleanse, rebuild and move on.  Not to punish, but to make better. Because ultimately, that is the cycle of life.  Part of life is our Mother Nature who provides us with home and shelter.  Our home and shelter must be shaken to its core (how we survive) that leads us to strength and hope.  Strength and hope is how we get through it, and not how we get knocked down, but how we rebuild.  It’s these two traits that provide courage among the ones who become the fittest who survive, and through it all, we will!  We will get to that beautiful, immaculate rainbow again and again.

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