~ New Year’s Note 2017~ ‘Flow of Life’

In 2017, I have a new resolution ~ to want for nothing.  Every year I set one or a goal, but this year, I’m going about things differently.  I just want to be… Fully in the moment ~ in the flow of life ~ as is.  I will have faith that all is exactly as it should be, and what will be, will be.  To go with the ‘flow of life.’

Instead of wanting to lose another eight-ten pounds (cause for some reason that’s always my magical weight loss goal), I’m just going to celebrate having good health & fitness (and also my family’s).  Some people don’t have that option.  My family is here with me to hold everyday, and they’re healthy.  That is everything!

I want to spend as much time with my family because time is precious, and that’s what’s most important.  I will watch the world unfold through my children’s eyes ~ every day ~ moment by moment, instead of worrying or anticipating the next milestone, because every moment with them is a blessing, and it goes by so quickly!  They are who they are, and not what anyone else thinks they should be, or are they anyone’s else’s expectations, and all will work out according to God’s plan.  They are their own individual ~ their own soul ~ and I will support and encourage them to blossom into the individual’s that they are meant to become, not what I want them or society want’s them to be.

Instead of fixing up something else in the house, I’m going to enjoy what we’ve already built ~ what we already have (a serene, comfortable home).  If something else pop’s up, then it does.  I’ll just go with it!

Lastly, instead of anxiously checking my emails and wondering if today is the day that publisher, agent, or producer will inbox me a, “yes or a no,” on any of my novels or screenplay, I’m going to feel proud that I’ve actually written and finished three really difficult writing projects, which not many have, and begin writing new ones.  I am going to write my heart out this year ~ let it flow, let it sing!

Life is about the process.  In 2017, I’m going to embrace the journey and not fret or focus on the destination, because there is none.  Life is happening now!  The end is when your soul crosses over.  That’s the final destination.  In 2017, I’m taking it all in ~ all the beauty that this planet has to offer, including seeing more of it.  I’m looking forward to a new chapter and new exciting adventures and surprises that are in store!  I will be focusing only on the positive this year (blocking out negativity in the media), and praying that things only get better for our planet and all of us that inhabit it, because that’s my wish!  No one is better or worse than anyone else.  We are all connected and equally divine.  We should ONLY want the best for our fellow human beings.

Lastly, I will not want or expect my life to be anything than what it is.  I will not force situations, but surrender to them.  I will have faith that God’s divine plan in is perfect harmony and synchronization ~ flow of life ~ and trust in that.  I am where I should be.  I will not try and control how I think it should show up.  All I can do is my best in everything that I do, and just enjoy the ride.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year, filled with love, joy, passion, and endless blessings!!!  I hope and pray you enjoy and embrace this year’s ‘flow of life.’


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