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Samantha graduated with a BS in Journalism from Florida International University in 2003. She wrote and reported entertainment scripts that were aired on FOX WSVN 7 in Miami, FL and OWL Radio at Florida Atlantic University in Boca. She is passionate about writing and has been writing short stories and poetry since she was a kid, after learning that her favorite grandmother was a poet. Samantha began writing children’s stories in 2004.

She has completed a 18,000 humorous, animal-talking, chapter book called MURPHY: THE PHAT CAT, which is being published by Hurn Publications/Hurn Pub Kids in 2024. In addition, she recently signed a three-book deal with Hurn Publications for the release of her middle-grade fantasy trilogy, RAINBOW CRYSTAL. Book one and the sequel will be newly designed reprints. RAINBOW CRYSTAL (book one) will be released in 2023. RAINBOW CRYSTAL: THE SPECIAL BOY WHO COULD will be released in 2024, and the last and final book of the trilogy will be released in 2025. Samantha also co-wrote and finished a screenplay, MANO NERA, based on a true story about her Italian great-grandparents, which is currently being shopped in Hollywood. Samantha adapted RAINBOW CRYSTAL as a feature screenplay.

Samantha is a certified, professional multimedia master makeup artist. She is the creator of RAINBOW CRYSTAL COSMETICS LLC. ~ a whimsical make-up lined that will be aimed for young adults, age range 12-25. Her cosmetics will correlate with her RAINBOW CRYSTAL fantasy series and all will be inspired from settings or characters in her books.

Additional Make Up Work

Mainly, she’s busy being a wife to Richard and mother to two children, Bella and Lorenzo. She enjoys reading, watching movies, working out, blogging, spending quality time with good friends, and/or traveling, whenever she can find extra time (usually one of those activities accompanies a cup of coffee or glass of wine), minus the working out part. However, there are always exceptions. Samantha has two bulldogs (Bleu and Buster), one white, fluffy cat named Gracie who is the princess of the castle, two new kitties named Marlo Brando and Willow Nugget, a 150 lb. desert tortoise named Samson, and a bunch of exotic fish, corals, and albino iguanas. She has a lot of love, abundance, and activity around her; she feels blessed — and even sometimes stressed — every day for it all.

My Books
Rainbow Crystal (Book One)

The tragic loss of her best friend, Josie Lee, leaves ten-year-old Seraphina questioning her destiny, until she learns she’s the chosen one. Seraphina is whisked away by a frantic, talking butterfly on a quest to bring order back to a world inside a rainbow called Raiven with its six different, colored- realms by finding and returning a powerful rainbow crystal back to its wizard owner, which was stolen from an evil witch and her trolls. Raiven is a bridge between heaven and earth;

Seraphina is motivated by the knowledge that she will get to see her best friend’s dead spirit through magical fairies and their pixie dust. Seraphina will even meet and bond with a warrior fairy-boy and her own unicorn, which she unknowingly birthed through a wish on a shooting star. Throughout her journey, she passes a series of tests and discovers self-confidence and hope with the help of supernatural characters who guide her along the way. Most importantly, she learns that Josie Lee is more of a guardian angel to her than she realizes and has never really left her side after all. It doesn’t even require magic, just faith.

62,000-Word Middle Grade Fantasy
The newly reprinted and redesigned book will be released in 2023!!!

Rainbow Crystal — The Special Boy Who Could (Book Two)

Seraphina’s journey to Raiven two-and-a-half years ago was more real to her than anything she’s ever experienced. All twelve-year-old Seraphina seems to be doing lately is having dreams of Raiven and receiving visions and signs that Raiven and the rainbow crystal are in trouble again. But when she meets two friends who enter into her latest world of middle school – sweet and innocent Ava, and the new, cute kid with autism, Enzo – Seraphina is not the only one having these dreams…so are they. Their message?

Come and bring the Special Boy Who Could.

 The three become instant best buddies who not only end up sharing a unique bond, but all share an important role with helping to save Raiven. It’s up to the three of them to unravel the mystery of the Special Boy Who Could – before Raiven and the rainbow crystal are doomed forever.

Meanwhile, the three learn about the evil sorcerer Abigor’s malicious plan of revenge to take over all of the land and power in Raiven. Enzo discovers that he is the chosen one on this mission with a unique connection to the magical world. A dark secret about his past, which has been hidden from him comes to the surface, which has to do with Abigor and his evil plan. Enzo, along with Seraphina and Ava, journey to fight Abigor and his two blood-sucking gargoyles to return the powerful rainbow crystal to the fallen and dying Wizard Arbit Maximus before it’s too late. Because if the powerful wizard dies, who will take his place and rule all the realms in Raiven?

More secrets, hidden realms, and mystical and mythical characters present themselves in this adventurous, magical story about true friendship, courage, and hope. New fairies and dragons leap along for the ride who help Seraphina, Enzo, and Ava to fight darkness. They come to find out that they’re not the only ones guiding them, but so is Seraphina’s best friend from her past who died, Josie Lee. Her presence proves to always still be around. But even Josie Lee has grown in power on the other side…from spirit guide to luminescent angel.

Once again it’s up to Seraphina to save Raiven, but this time with The Special Boy Who Could.

71,000-Word Middle Grade Fantasy
The newly reprinted and redesigned book will be released in 2024!!!

Murphy – The Phat Cat

Fat cat? No way! Scratch that. Lick his paw. Pay him with tuna fish, and he can’t refuse to help his fellow-furry friends. Everybody knows it’s really the cats who run the neighborhood of Majestic Groves, right? Especially, a really cool 35 lb. (PHAT never FAT) cat named Murphy. Murphy is unique because of his BIG body size, yet warm and sensitive nature with the desire to maintain the peace among the cats and other species in his neighborhood.

The gossip queen of cats, Maisie Mums, comes to Murphy to fill him in with the problem on how the neighborhood cats have fallen victim to a gang of bullying burrowing owls. The gang is led by an old, wise owl named, Don Owl Leon, and they have just recently moved to his neighborhood of Majestic Groves, causing chaos. Oh no! Not in Murph’s Turf. This is unacceptable to this cool, or rather, phat cat!

With the advice from his chameleon adviser, Gaidan, the protection from his bodyguard bulldog, Ruthless Riley, and the assistance of his friends, the two Siberian husky sisters, he decides to try and come up with a solution. However, the plan changes when the owls kidnap, Peanut, his sister-cat. Murphy has to come up with a new answer, and his true feline character is put to the test.

After coming to the realization that the owls are acting malicious due to their subconscious fear of loss of habitat, Murphy and some friends decide to help the owls by putting together a project to preserve the owls’ existence. They can’t do it alone; the implementation of the project depends on Murphy’s human owner, Teresa. They mysteriously give her the plan for a project that can change the fate of the owls and little does she know that the animals there had something to do with its creation. In the end, they realize they’re more alike than they are different. Why can’t all types of species live in harmony among one another? There’s enough room for all of them, even if it is together in small suburbia in Florida.

Illustrations created by the amazing Ozzie Martin, aka @toonwizardoz
To Contact Ozzie please visit his Online Profile here: https://www.deviantart.com/graphicoz

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