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On September 24, 2020, I turn 41-years-old! How do I feel? Well, this past year (2020) from 40-41 has definitely been one of many ups and downs. So many challenges, emotions, changes, growth, lessons, tests, leaving myself feeling very tired and overwhelmed at times. Not always knowing if I’m making the right decisions for myself and my family — living every day moment to moment, sometimes with so much uncertainty and fear. However, I can also say it has brought along with it many blessings as well. But, I’ll get to that in a bit. I can say that I haven’t turned my energy over to the world, politically, globally, morally, etc…because the world doesn’t get me. I get me! I have to get myself. I have to get a hold on what I do everyday. I have to take care of myself, my household, my husband and my children. These are my responsibilities, my vows, and where my energy belongs. I have to keep us all in balance. It doesn’t belong to worry or fixing the problems of the world. At least, not mine. So, it’s funny that 2020 has made us “focus” on what’s most important. And I can say what it’s forced me to see what’s most important…my overall well-being. Everyday, I wake up and ask myself, “How are you feeling today? How are you blessed? What are you grateful for? What’s working for you? What isn’t working for you?” I read, I meditate (on occasion), I journal, and I PAY ATTENTION to my emotions and thoughts. I can’t control what’s going on in the world or what others are choosing to do with their lives. Sure, I can care. I do care! I can pray. I can help in any way that I can offer, but I can’t control it. So, why give over my worry, my stress, my concern over it? Where does that leave me? Does it help it? Of course not! The only thing that does is empty out your energy fuel, so there’s nothing left for yourself. That’s when you get sick and your “chi” energy gets blocked causing “dis-ease” or disease in the body. So, this year my focus is going to be on just that…”focus” on myself — my well-being, because that IS what I can control. It also makes me a better wife, mother and/or friend.

Let me show you what that looks like for me. It may look differently for everybody.

  • I no longer give my energy — my power — to what anyone else thinks or does, or how they feel I should live my life, whether or not I’m making the right or wrong decisions, whether they like me, judge me, accept me, validate me, or think how I act or what I choose is correct in their minds. It DOES NOT matter! All that matters is if I feel comfortable and good with my own decisions, behaviors, and life choices. Sometimes, even our closet family and friends disagree with us, and that’s ok. But that’s their choice. It doesn’t need to affect you. You can listen and be open-minded, but if their opinions are causing you to feel stressed, worthless, or uneasy, it’s time to set healthy boundaries. And say, “I hear you. But, I agree to disagree. I will worry about me, You worry about you. Thank you.” And move on! Save your energy for what’s important…again, WELL-BEING!
  • What matters everyday is your alignment with your thoughts, your feelings, and Source (God). If it feels good, it’s right! It’s right for you. That’s when you’re in alignment. And when you’re in alignment, you manifest all that you desire! So, it doesn’t matter where anyone else is in their journey, it’s their own. Yours is you own! And OWN it — you MUST!!! Plus, the proof is in the pudding. If your life is going in the direction you want, is great or successful, chances are, you are in alignment most of the time. We’re not perfect. We all make mistakes and have regrets, and some days we are WAY off, but your surroundings, manifestations, and relationships mirror what is going on with you on the inside. So, let your life be the prime example for that, not others opinions.
  • Another part of overall well-being, is “focusing” on what you desire to do everyday that matters most. We deplete our energies so many times a day on what we have to do (responsibilities) and what others expectations are of us, that we don’t do enough of what we WANT. What do you want? What are your passions, dreams, goals, desires, visions for your life? What do you LOVE to do? I know what mine are. And beside my family, I have my own. I love to sleep, read, eat, drink coffee and wine! I love to have fun with family and friends! I love to walk, do yoga, exercise, watch movies and my favorite shows! I love to write. I love art. I love to create, imagine and design things. I love to swim in my pool, soaking in the rich Vitamin D of the South Florida sun. I love the beach! I love to relax in my jacuzzi with my husband and a bottle of good red wine. I love to travel and see new places. I love to shop! I love to go to concerts and the movies! I love to get my hair and nails done. I love to do make-up and play dress up! I love what I get to do everyday as a career…be a story-teller. All of these things, plus so much more, bring me joy! So, everyday, I do at least one of these things, even many, to uplift my spirits! This is what makes me H-A-P-P-Y!!!:-))
  • Balance is key! I’ve been talking about this lately. BALANCE is really the key to overall well-being and happiness! I’m a true Libra (the balance scales), and balance is so important to me in my life! When my scales tip more to one side, it’s a sign that an area of my life is off, and it’s time to work on it. And those scales have been wavering more dramatically for me in my life lately. It’s saying, “Pay attention to this! Focus.” When you’re so focused on only one area, the other areas will force you to focus more on them, and that has been happening to me more than ever this year. So, I’m awake, paying attention, and focusing. It’s telling me it’s time for a change in this area. It’s time to fix it. It’s time to get some release and relief. It’s time to work on it. Those signs are there for us to help us get a grip on our lives, because ultimately, we are in charge of everything that comes into our existence through the Law of Attraction. Because what we think, what we believe, we will receive. And just like everyone, I want to receive the BEST that life can offer. Plus, those warning signs are there to save us from something bigger or worse happening, so again, “pay attention and stay focused.”

On that note, I said earlier that this year has been challenging, but it has also brought in some BIG blessings along the way. It’s given me the gift to be able to focus on my health and well-being, which is a good thing, and that of my children. Some amazing things have come out of it, like my son on the spectrum of autism getting the therapy services he needed, and having some huge breakthroughs, even starting to talk. We’ve saved and invested and made some pretty great financial gains and decisions. We’re healthy and conscious about what we eat and put in our mouths. My husband and I have had to lean on each other more than ever before, and it’s made us even stronger as a couple! Yes, we still drive each other crazy, but we still are crazy in love. It has shown me that…21-years-strong!!! Some great career opportunities have come into our existences that wouldn’t have otherwise, if it weren’t for the pandemic and social distancing. That’s a plus! Planet Mother Earth had some healing and rejuvenating time. Animals we’ve never even seen before came out from hiding, etc…and we learned that we’re all in this together. #OneLove

Last but not least, I stopped watching the news completely. Awe! Breath of fresh air. Trust me, I’m still completely up-to-date with what’s going on in the world. How can I not be? I don’t live under a rock. It’s everywhere and it perpetuates nothing but drama, anxiety and fear. It’s awful for your mental well-being! And I could give a flying “f” on your political views! Stop pushing them on me. My family and closet friends are super divided, and I hear both ends constantly over and over and over again! Blah, blah, blah (not to mention the views on social media). I can’t anymore! I put my hand up to it (the stop sign). Boundaries. And I don’t care who gets mad at me for it. No more here, please and thank you. That’s my right. They are yours! I don’t push mine on anyone else, nor do I judge you for your right to decide for yourself. If I did, I would be no better than the other political party for judging me on my decision. I will not speak publicly about who I vote for and why, because truth be told, it wouldn’t change your perspective anyway. It’s wasted energy that I don’t have an ounce of “give a shit” in my body to address. But I do have energy to go out and vote! And so do you, so just vote and shut up already, please!! Make the right decisions for you and your family because it’s the right one for you in your heart. Go with your own instinct! That’s the beauty of America and the privilege that we all have here — color, race, gender, religion, etc… — the the right to vote!!! Also, make a decision that doesn’t come from a self-centered place. Be an adult and use your knocker! If it could hurt or expose another individual to harm, then chances are it’s wrong. It’s not rocket science, it’s common decency, compassion and humanity. Think of your intention behind the action. Use class and integrity. That’s a world we can all share. That’s all I’m going to say for now about that. Peace. Stay well and safe out there, and “focused” on what is most important. But most importantly, don’t let anyone else steer you off of your course and your focus. It’s your right and place here on the planet. I know it’s mine, and this year, I’m claiming it!

41 is gonna be fun, fun, fun…without losing my focus, of course, and what matters most to me!!!;-)) Because it’s my life, and I can make it look any way I want. So, let’s get started…First, time to celebrate it. Celebrate this gift of life and all the blessings and abundance that is ours for the taking. What are we waiting for!?! Let’s get it, together <3 XOXO

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