Forty-three, love me! 43… love you💕
All about the L.O.V.E this year💗
“It’s the way of life…”
Every year on my birthday, I like to write a little blog about where I am emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc…
I usually base it on a theme. This year’s theme is forty-three, LOVE ME. This year is gonna be all about self-love and care. I’ve already started going into it on a nutritional plan, already down seven pounds and counting and feeling great!! 42 was an absolute emotional roller coaster… there were some amazing blessings, like purchasing my new Key Largo condo, which has been awesome, but there were also a lot of loss and new beginnings. Transformations. Change. Growth. I’ve also watched many people I love go through their own. So, that’s not easy for an empath!! But I also felt myself pulled in a thousand different directions, not just with myself, but to help others as well. A lot of people rely on me, need me, count on me, etc… and although, I feel loved and blessed with abundance, it’s time to draw some serious lines in the sand. So, the next year will be about focusing on my health, nutrition, and fitness again. I want to get back into great shape! I’ll be diving into my career ~ more writing, my passion projects, creativity ~ finding time to do what pleases me and gives me joy! More time to laugh and have fun. Life is short! That I’ve witnessed. People take it and themselves WAY too seriously! I want to do less of that. I’ve gotten so much better at being in a moment, including NOT being on social media when I’m in one. Finding the perfect balance between my family time, ME time, time with my husband (ALONE), time with my friends, time for my career, etc… because I do believe you can have it all. If you practice BALANCE, and learn to give back to yourself. Love yourself more everyday! Self-love. Self-acceptance. Acceptance on where you currently are in your life. Be easy on yourself! Patience, compassion, grace and kindness more for YOU. Gratitude and appreciation on what you DO have. Lack of attention to what you don’t. Stop beating the drum to negativity or what doesn’t work! Stop wasting time on people who don’t fit into your life, who you have to chase down, or don’t do right by you! That one I got long ago! But really, I do feel I just get better with age. Because, “When you know better, you do better!” Like Maya Angelou said.
Taking the time to love yourself and to say no more to others may sound selfish, but it couldn’t be further from the truth! I always say it’s self-FULL!! I am the most selfless, giving, compassionate person, and sometimes that can be a problem. It can become expected, or non-appreciated, or even taken advantage of. Then that’s when my tank goes straight to EMPTY and DONE! So, this year I will be filling it back up with all the love and care and things, people, and places that I love to do and see and be with!!! Not, “I have to do it… I want to do it!” I need to take this year to fill it back up. There were so many people who came to my rescue when I needed it most (when my sister passed), whom I’m forever grateful to, but there were also a few who surprisingly really let me down. They don’t even know it, or maybe they do. They should know better, at least. Some I even expected because I have always done it for them. Those are the ones to release and let go of. No heavy weight or baggage! No even telling them or explaining it. Why bother? Wasted energy. There’s always an opportunity for people to show you their true colors. And boy, when given the chance, do they ever!! Believe them the first time. But let them take the trash out for you. No more toxicity. Just positivity and good vibes! 43. Love me. Love you💕💓💕
Pick and choose wisely who and what are worth your time. But more importantly, pick and choose even more wisely who and what are worth the battle.
My mantra for this year, “If it or they don’t dazzle you, it or they aren’t for you!”✨✨✨
Now, let’s go DAZZLE and LOVE ourselves more!!!