If Autism Could Talk
By: Samantha Caprio-Negret
If autism could talk, what would it say?
It would say, “Stop trying to change me, I’m perfect this way!”
It would say, “I love you exactly for who you are, just by being you —
“So, why can’t you love me for who I am, and everything that I do?”
It would say, “I am not the system. I am the way God made me to be —
“So, let me be my own conformity, a child that lives without boundaries, who’s soul is limitless and free.”
It would say, “I’m not like the others and that’s okay —
“I wasn’t made to be, I am perfect THIS way.”
It would say, “Like the colors of the rainbow all different and bright —
“I shine on this planet with my own, unique light.”
It would say, “If you try to make me out to be the one you think is right, then you take away my soul’s true essence and will lose its very sight.”
If autism could talk what would it say?
“It would say, I came here with a mission, so please step out of my way —
“Just don’t hold me down, judge or rate me, and it will all be okay.”
If autism could talk what would it say?
It would say, “All you need to do is show me unconditional love —
“That is just my message from a higher power up above.”
“God doesn’t make mistakes, and neither am I. I am perfect in every way,” so if autism could talk, that’s what it would say?