New Year’s Note 2021~2022


“If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger!”


Every year, around the new year, I write a blog, reflecting on the past year – and I kind of pick a theme. This past year, I feel like, “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger!” At least, that’s what it felt like for me. It was one of the most challenging years for me personally and for my family, however, there were some awesome, fantastic moments as well! 2021 was kind of like a bipolar year – very high highs and very low lows.


It led me to this theory, though, which kind of feels a lot less heavy, in a way. Life has a very funny way of working itself out if we just let it and TRUST. Why are we so reluctant to having faith in the process? If life really does always work out for us. Even if we’re feeling in the moment like it isn’t. When we take some time, and step aside from it, and reflect…look back…go inward…stop moving so fast all the time, we will see the picture a lot more clearly. Like, “Oh, yeah, even though, I didn’t want that job to end, friendship, change of residence, or whatever change or evolvement we’re going through, then we look back at it, and realize it was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to us. For example, how the pandemic has made us see what and who is important to us, and what deserved our energy. Because isn’t it so precious? Our time really becomes a gift the older we get. I always say, “Pick and choose your battles wisely.” I feel that this last year and 2020 made us realize that health and well-being is of the upmost importance, because without it, we don’t have much. And without those around us that we love, we don’t have much. Cherish and be grateful for every healthy day on this beautiful planet Earth that we’ve been given. Love ourselves and our home. It may not seem like it, but for all the bad news we’re reading and seeing every day, there are a billion more good ones that aren’t being covered. There are good people doing good deeds every day that we don’t know or hear about. Don’t focus on what everyone else is doing or what their opinions are about you and your life, focus on what matters – under your own roof. Make that better, make your wellbeing a priority, focus on that and those that matter most. Change that, and the world around us will slowly start changing. Everyone is always focused outward, but the only place to be focused, or that matters, is inward. Then, and only then, everything (including relationships) will transform and manifest around us. Believe me or not? The bad times definitely show you who is really there for you. True colors shine! So, if they walked away, they were never really your friend to begin with. You may even have noticed that the only reason you had a relationship with them to begin with was because you were the only one who put in the effort. So, them washing out of your life was what it is – a cleansing – a blessing. No more negative energy focused there. Remember? Your energy is precious. Pick and choose it wisely.


Let me end it and leave this here… “Life keeps moving on, and we’ve got to just keep on moving with it.” If we go with the flow, and give up the resistance, and surrender to it, we will be pleasantly surprised about what it has in store for us. But, if fear is the driving force, or control, resistance builds, and we can’t allow those gifts in. Stop thinking you have all the answers all the time. Surprise yourself with the beliefs of how much this or that sucks, or judgements based on how everyone else is living their life, and solely focus on how this is changing you, transforming you, and making you and everything else better. Those who can “go with the flow” and evolve, will. Those you can’t, won’t. But it’s up to the soul; it’s not up to you. Let it go! Live. Don’t be so afraid all the time or worry about every little thing! Embrace the change. Surrender. Be in the moment. Appreciate those and that you have in your life, and more good will come in. What you give your focus on only grows bigger. So, keep staying focused on the positive ones, because there is far more positive than negative. Whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone. Everyone has their challenges… EVERYONE!!! Go outside your own problems occasionally and reach out to someone else who is having a tougher time. Because someone else is always worse off and needs it more than you. Always. But whatever it is, this too shall pass. Remember, go with it. Let it flow; let it go! Trust. You will triumph, and overcome it…life will keep moving on, and you will go right with it. Right into 2022…like, “Okay, I got this!” Because you do, you’re still here, and you’re only getting stronger.


God bless you all! Stay healthy, happy and well, everyone!!!