Your friends…your choices…your vote…is a mirror reflection of you.

Do you like what you see?

Your actions have a reaction. Everything is an energy — a karma — that comes back around. The cards are being shown for exactly what they are. This is the time to decide and make good decisions. Our future depends on it!

If this guy was your friend, would you like him? Would you dine with him? Would you vote for him? Do you like what you see? Think about it. What kind of moral character does this man possess? The proof is in the pudding. “If you live by the sword, then you die by the sword.”


I have this new really cool friend~ he’s a charismatic guy with a huge EGO!! He really is a moron, but at least he “acts“ and does what he says he’s gonna do! Well, wait? Not always. But, still. He’s really rich and an entertainer, you know? Loves power and being on top!! Umm, but he does lack class, compassion, morals and common decency! You know? All the wonderful qualities that make a person a great, decent human being. However, I still feel he could be a great leader! I mean, his only downfall is, are rather, he mocks intellectually disabled individuals, grabs women by the p*ussy because he can, and rips children away from their mommy and daddy, he tends to bring out white supremacy and hate, and laughs and takes people dying from COVID lightly, etc…But other than that? Real great guy! He cares about people. Well, wait? Raping a thirteen-year-old girl is still in question. And other than his wife because he cheated on her, and doesn’t seem to like black people or Mexicans that much. I mean, he is trying to build a wall around them from us. Yeah, not so much…now that I think about it. Hmm?

Wait, that’s not true. He loves his wife and she loves and respects him. I can see it when he tries to hold her hand and she flirtatiously pushes it away. What a stinker! She plays hard to get with him.

So, I can tell you that you may be offended by him if you’re disabled, have a child who’s disabled, are a woman, have a little girl, have children, are an immigrant, are black, or aren’t a white male, or have COVID or someone you know dying of it…No biggie, though!!! That’s just a few minority, unimportant people. He’s loves rich, white people!!! So that’s all that matters!!!

I mean, who cares, right? As long as you’re not affected. You’d sit with him at a dinner table, having cocktails with this narcissistic buddy and laugh at those who unfriended this, I’m untouchable douche bag! However, only if you’re rich and he saved you on your taxes! So let’s not hope you can’t afford it, because if you can’t, he’ll still force you to pick up the tab!?

But, screw all that!!! This really, really cool guy wants to make America great again!! I say we vote him as our country’s leader. Yeah, let’s do it!!! Because I agree, it was great…you know? Before 2016. Wait, hold on… that was before I met him.

When America was actually enjoyable, peaceful, safe, and a “great” place to live! #proofisinthepudding