Forty-three, love me! 43… love you💕
All about the L.O.V.E this year💗
“It’s the way of life…”
Every year on my birthday, I like to write a little blog about where I am emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc…
I usually base it on a theme. This year’s theme is forty-three, LOVE ME. This year is gonna be all about self-love and care. I’ve already started going into it on a nutritional plan, already down seven pounds and counting and feeling great!! 42 was an absolute emotional roller coaster… there were some amazing blessings, like purchasing my new Key Largo condo, which has been awesome, but there were also a lot of loss and new beginnings. Transformations. Change. Growth. I’ve also watched many people I love go through their own. So, that’s not easy for an empath!! But I also felt myself pulled in a thousand different directions, not just with myself, but to help others as well. A lot of people rely on me, need me, count on me, etc… and although, I feel loved and blessed with abundance, it’s time to draw some serious lines in the sand. So, the next year will be about focusing on my health, nutrition, and fitness again. I want to get back into great shape! I’ll be diving into my career ~ more writing, my passion projects, creativity ~ finding time to do what pleases me and gives me joy! More time to laugh and have fun. Life is short! That I’ve witnessed. People take it and themselves WAY too seriously! I want to do less of that. I’ve gotten so much better at being in a moment, including NOT being on social media when I’m in one. Finding the perfect balance between my family time, ME time, time with my husband (ALONE), time with my friends, time for my career, etc… because I do believe you can have it all. If you practice BALANCE, and learn to give back to yourself. Love yourself more everyday! Self-love. Self-acceptance. Acceptance on where you currently are in your life. Be easy on yourself! Patience, compassion, grace and kindness more for YOU. Gratitude and appreciation on what you DO have. Lack of attention to what you don’t. Stop beating the drum to negativity or what doesn’t work! Stop wasting time on people who don’t fit into your life, who you have to chase down, or don’t do right by you! That one I got long ago! But really, I do feel I just get better with age. Because, “When you know better, you do better!” Like Maya Angelou said.
Taking the time to love yourself and to say no more to others may sound selfish, but it couldn’t be further from the truth! I always say it’s self-FULL!! I am the most selfless, giving, compassionate person, and sometimes that can be a problem. It can become expected, or non-appreciated, or even taken advantage of. Then that’s when my tank goes straight to EMPTY and DONE! So, this year I will be filling it back up with all the love and care and things, people, and places that I love to do and see and be with!!! Not, “I have to do it… I want to do it!” I need to take this year to fill it back up. There were so many people who came to my rescue when I needed it most (when my sister passed), whom I’m forever grateful to, but there were also a few who surprisingly really let me down. They don’t even know it, or maybe they do. They should know better, at least. Some I even expected because I have always done it for them. Those are the ones to release and let go of. No heavy weight or baggage! No even telling them or explaining it. Why bother? Wasted energy. There’s always an opportunity for people to show you their true colors. And boy, when given the chance, do they ever!! Believe them the first time. But let them take the trash out for you. No more toxicity. Just positivity and good vibes! 43. Love me. Love you💕💓💕
Pick and choose wisely who and what are worth your time. But more importantly, pick and choose even more wisely who and what are worth the battle.
My mantra for this year, “If it or they don’t dazzle you, it or they aren’t for you!”✨✨✨
Now, let’s go DAZZLE and LOVE ourselves more!!!




Let me tell you a little story about FEAR (aka F-E-A-R ~ False. Evidence. Appearing. Real)


Let me set the stage for you first…




When I graduated from Florida International University in Broadcast Journalism school in 2003, I was so excited about getting a job in TV. I loved script writing, and the live excitement of being in front of a camera. I also have always been a huge movie buff and can remember movie lines like flash cards in my mind. To this day, I love words and storytelling, and I know that writing is where I’m meant to be. However, as time went on, I realized more and more that it wasn’t my love for journalism as much as it was my love for writing fiction and telling a story the way I wanted to tell it. Also, I didn’t want to stay subjective and write a story about someone else’s tragedy or trauma; I didn’t want to depress the world anymore, I wanted to uplift the world, and take them out of reality – not put them more into a somber one. That’s where my love for fantasy writing stepped in. But before I even get into that story, which is for a different day, I want to tell you how I turned into a screenwriter…


Let’s rewind a minute here. Let’s go back to the word I mentioned earlier, FEAR. So shortly after graduation and the job hunting in broadcast journalism became a bust, I dreamt of writing a movie – a screenplay. But how? I already had the exact story in my mind, an animal-talking inspired one with all the furry friends ~ my pets ~ who’ve I had at some point during my life! Basically, an animation feature. So, I pick up this book, “Screenplay: Writing the Picture,” by Robin U. Russin and William Missouri Downs from Barnes & Noble (no Amazon then, peeps)!


With a cup of coffee in hand, ready to learn and write, with anticipation and excitement in my mind and heart, I read these sentences, “It’s a sad fact, but after all the months of brain-wracking effort that went into writing, most screenplays submitted get rejected.” Also, “Improper format is the surest way to get your script tossed in the rejection pile.” That’s all it took for me to see, and I was already done before I even started. I shelved the book for years where it collected dust, and I never wrote that story as a screenplay. First, I was like, “I don’t know how to write a screenplay, it’s for sure getting tossed in the rejection pile. What am I even doing? I don’t stand a chance!” That fear was enough to strip away at my dreams! But halt… not entirely. That is not the end. In fact, it was just the beginning of my writing career… and lots and lots of rejections to come!!! But, not no success.


So, there it is… a long story short. I was too afraid to write the screenplay. But that story was inside of me still. I decided to write it as a children’s book instead, and I did. I named it, MURPHY: THE PHAT CAT, a 19,000 humorous animal-talking chapter book, which started my journey as a published children’s book author. I put the screenwriting out of my mind… until. Until a movie producer (fatefully), walked into my life and an opportunity for another screenplay crossed my path. This one is a true story about my Italian great-grandparents, set in 1917. There’s historical written record about it, and how the Black Hand Society and murder, revenge and love affected their lives and future generations to come. Well, what do you think I did? You guessed it, probably. With more confidence than five years prior, I took that “Screenplay: Writing the Picture”, book back out. I dusted it off, and I wrote my first ever screenplay. It took me and my co-writer, Richard Sorin, about two full years from start to finish. We named it MANO NERA – a 129-page drama feature. Not to mention, we’ve revised it over the years, time and time again, and I am so unbelievably proud of this project! We really worked hard and passionately on it.


Now, let’s fast forward to today…two finished screenplays later, one in the works, and three finished children’s books (two of which have been published), and lots of years of tears and rejections, I haven’t quit. I’ve been going ever since. Has FEAR peeped it’s ugly head back in? Of course, it has… a lot! However, this time around, I haven’t allowed it to get in my way of giving up on my writing dreams. There’s still a lot of uncertainty and ups and downs. There are still rejections!! But, if I would have given up, I wouldn’t currently be an official selection and winner in nine different film festivals. I mean… NINE and counting… for both of my scripts combined. Who knows what’s to come? But if I had to bet, my movie(s) are – it’s just a matter of divine timing, persistence, never allowing anyone to tell you “no,” and/or allowing FEAR to stand in your way! Remember, it’s just false evidence appearing real. It’s not real. The only thing that’s real is the thoughts you tell yourself. There’s no one ever getting in your way other than YOU! Anything is possible if you set your mind to it, then there’s no telling what can happen! Shoot for the stars – the sky is the limit. And it’s okay if that little monster FEAR steps in on occasion… it’s normal. It’s a part of life and being human. Just befriend him. He’s a reminder that if it didn’t scare you, it won’t change you. If it’s not scaring you, then you’re not dreaming big enough! So, go dream BIG, and when your monster FEAR is screaming at you in your nightmares, “You can’t do it, you’re not good enough!” Know you’re exactly where you should be. Because it’s the fear that’s afraid of your light and how great and unstoppable you can become. Oh, and one more thing…TRUST over FEAR. Trust that everything is unfolding for you exactly how it’s meant to. MURPHY was meant to be a children’s book, and I was meant to pursue that road first. It taught and gave me so much more than I could’ve ever imagined, even friends. All those roadblocks and setbacks and doors closed for me, only led me to the path I was meant to journey on. Also, I’m blessed to do both – books and screenplays. I really do LOVE both! No two people’s paths are the same, so never compare. Not even FEAR can keep you from accomplishing what you’re meant to do. Live your dreams, unapologetically, pursue your passions, and you’d be surprised how the universe will open itself up to you. Allow it to surprise you! Look at FEAR in the face, and just say to him, “Oh, you again! Can you please step aside? You’re in my way.” Keep ROCKIN’ on, peeps! It isn’t over until it’s over. Just never give up!


And if you need proof… just look below. The proof is in the pudding!



New Year’s Note 2021~2022


“If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger!”


Every year, around the new year, I write a blog, reflecting on the past year – and I kind of pick a theme. This past year, I feel like, “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger!” At least, that’s what it felt like for me. It was one of the most challenging years for me personally and for my family, however, there were some awesome, fantastic moments as well! 2021 was kind of like a bipolar year – very high highs and very low lows.


It led me to this theory, though, which kind of feels a lot less heavy, in a way. Life has a very funny way of working itself out if we just let it and TRUST. Why are we so reluctant to having faith in the process? If life really does always work out for us. Even if we’re feeling in the moment like it isn’t. When we take some time, and step aside from it, and reflect…look back…go inward…stop moving so fast all the time, we will see the picture a lot more clearly. Like, “Oh, yeah, even though, I didn’t want that job to end, friendship, change of residence, or whatever change or evolvement we’re going through, then we look back at it, and realize it was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to us. For example, how the pandemic has made us see what and who is important to us, and what deserved our energy. Because isn’t it so precious? Our time really becomes a gift the older we get. I always say, “Pick and choose your battles wisely.” I feel that this last year and 2020 made us realize that health and well-being is of the upmost importance, because without it, we don’t have much. And without those around us that we love, we don’t have much. Cherish and be grateful for every healthy day on this beautiful planet Earth that we’ve been given. Love ourselves and our home. It may not seem like it, but for all the bad news we’re reading and seeing every day, there are a billion more good ones that aren’t being covered. There are good people doing good deeds every day that we don’t know or hear about. Don’t focus on what everyone else is doing or what their opinions are about you and your life, focus on what matters – under your own roof. Make that better, make your wellbeing a priority, focus on that and those that matter most. Change that, and the world around us will slowly start changing. Everyone is always focused outward, but the only place to be focused, or that matters, is inward. Then, and only then, everything (including relationships) will transform and manifest around us. Believe me or not? The bad times definitely show you who is really there for you. True colors shine! So, if they walked away, they were never really your friend to begin with. You may even have noticed that the only reason you had a relationship with them to begin with was because you were the only one who put in the effort. So, them washing out of your life was what it is – a cleansing – a blessing. No more negative energy focused there. Remember? Your energy is precious. Pick and choose it wisely.


Let me end it and leave this here… “Life keeps moving on, and we’ve got to just keep on moving with it.” If we go with the flow, and give up the resistance, and surrender to it, we will be pleasantly surprised about what it has in store for us. But, if fear is the driving force, or control, resistance builds, and we can’t allow those gifts in. Stop thinking you have all the answers all the time. Surprise yourself with the beliefs of how much this or that sucks, or judgements based on how everyone else is living their life, and solely focus on how this is changing you, transforming you, and making you and everything else better. Those who can “go with the flow” and evolve, will. Those you can’t, won’t. But it’s up to the soul; it’s not up to you. Let it go! Live. Don’t be so afraid all the time or worry about every little thing! Embrace the change. Surrender. Be in the moment. Appreciate those and that you have in your life, and more good will come in. What you give your focus on only grows bigger. So, keep staying focused on the positive ones, because there is far more positive than negative. Whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone. Everyone has their challenges… EVERYONE!!! Go outside your own problems occasionally and reach out to someone else who is having a tougher time. Because someone else is always worse off and needs it more than you. Always. But whatever it is, this too shall pass. Remember, go with it. Let it flow; let it go! Trust. You will triumph, and overcome it…life will keep moving on, and you will go right with it. Right into 2022…like, “Okay, I got this!” Because you do, you’re still here, and you’re only getting stronger.


God bless you all! Stay healthy, happy and well, everyone!!!

“I don’t know why God gave me a special needs’ sister and then a special needs’ son, but I guess that must mean I’m pretty special myself! So, don’t pity me, praise me.”?
S. Caprio-Negret
Lately, going through what I have been with my sister and then still having to be a mom to a son on the spectrum of autism, I’ve been thinking a lot more lately about the reasons ~ their purpose and mine. And it’s hard to say, but I can tell you from just them existing, they’re a blessing. They’re changing lives. They’ve changed mine. They’re inspirations to many! They’ve been better teachers to me than I could ever be to them, and the gifts they’ve given me along the way are priceless and pure unconditional love. Not many people can say they’ve experienced it, and I can say with them, I have experienced it double. “Why?” you may ask. Because their souls are PURE to their truest core. That’s unconditional. They don’t know it, and they don’t judge themselves or anyone. They live in the NOW! They don’t care about the things we stress over. It’s not to say their lives haven’t come with challenges. They’ve come with many, but the blessings outweigh them. On days I don’t know what to do, somehow God guides me and gives me strength that I didn’t know I had in me. “You’ve got this! I’ve got you!” I hear in my soul.
I remember the day I received Enzo’s autism diagnosis. I felt like a black hole was going to swallow me up. It didn’t. I lived through it. And literally the day after, a huge rainbow appeared over my house. No joke. “Hope,” was the message. Crying, I called a dear friend of mine and asked, “Why me?” I’ve already grown up with a sister with special needs. It’s not fair! I should be exempt from this.” And I really felt that way, because never in a million years did I ever feel I would have to worry about my child being there. It wasn’t happening twice and to my immediate family. And she responded, exactly, “Why not you?” You’re the perfect person who knows how to handle this. Enzo was born into the perfect, special family who has all the heart, love, and resources he’ll ever need. How amazing for him! Now he can be who he truly was meant to become.” Never have I ever forgot that and those words. They carry me through it…all…the…time.
So, if you’re a parent of a child with special needs, don’t ask yourself, “Why me?” anymore. Ask yourself, “Why not me?” I’m the perfect person to handle this situation. Because God only picks very special people to care for very special people. He knew what he was doing when he chose you ~ when he chose me and my family.
Our only mission is to not live for them, but to love them back unconditionally the same way they have for us. That’s their mission ~ their lesson. They’re asking us to accept their imperfections perfectly ~ to carry them through this life on a platform to give them the voice that they were meant to have without judgment. The voice may sound different. It may even be silent, but they speak wonders! We just have to listen with an open ear. Not tell them what they need to learn, but to listen to them about what it is that we need to learn. They’ve got the secret already. They’re the old souls; they’re the wise ones. We’re just the students.
PS. The last thing to ever say to a parent with a child with special needs when they tell you is, “Oh, I’m so sorry.” Never apologize to them for God’s unconditional gift of love, that’s an insult. I know you mean well, but that’s sending the message of, “I’m sorry your child is not perfect.” When in fact, they absolutely are! Don’t pity them, praise them.

New Year’s Eve Note

I wrote a blog back in September for my birthday — the theme of my year, and I called it, “Focus”?
I want to stick with that for my NYE’s note being I believe that life ~ the moment ~ is all what we’re focused on ~ our perspective from one own’s POV. Happiness is a practice; it’s a journey, not a destination. Joy is found in the NOW?
Yes, 2020 was full of serious stress and challenges, and trust me, I’ve had my own share of them myself. But there were still many highlighted moments, filled with epiphanies and blessings. At the end of the day, I choose to “focus” on the good things ~ the positive. Because through it ALL, there’s still a lot of GOOD❤️
Here’s a video I made of all of the best highlighted moments for us through a tough year for many. I’m not dismissing the pain or struggles. I’m just simply refocusing and being mindful of the present. All we have is now ~ today ~ this moment. We’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Life is precious, so enjoy it now and those you love.
What were the great, highlighted moments or blessings for you this year? I know they’re there. Please share them here below in the comments. I’d love to hear about it! Let’s spread some light, love and cheer going into the New Year!!
For me (here they are)
  • I saw Oprah live first of the year!
  • My sister had her book launch at Books & Books in Coral Gables.
  • We gained two new amazing kitties to the clan ~ Marlo Brando and Willow Nugget!
  • My book (the sequel) came out on April 28th!!
  • My best friend moved back home to Florida.
  • I had a glamorous photo shoot with my fav gals?
  • We became great friends with our neighbors.
  • We bought a brand new BMW (my dream car)!!!
  • My son graduated Kindergarten, gained therapy and a whole lot more growth!!
  • We celebrated birthdays and special occasions as a family and had beautiful moments of togetherness through it all.
  • I saw Jerry Seinfeld live (pre-Covid, of course)
  • My husband and I celebrated 14-years or marriage and had romantic date nights.
  • We ate Joe Stone Crab claws (that’s always a plus)??
  • We’ve drank way too much good wine, ate too much, adding lots of walks and talks, laughs and cries on a daily.
  • I did a lot of things virtually ~ including homeschooling, author visits, Hollywood Pitch Festivals, and endless Zoom meetings!
  • Bella turned 10 and Lorenzo turned 6.
  • We gained friends, near and virtually.
  • I became a social media ambassador.
  • I voted!!
  • Bella caught her first fish?
  • I threw away many masks, but gained some good bling bling ones✨
  • I designed and LLC’d a make-up line and decided to go back to school to become a make-up artist!!!
  • I pitched Hollywood and got leads. I started “Rainbow Crystal” as a screenplay!!
  • We’ve had gorgeous weather ~ lots of hanging poolside, jacuzzi, or at the beach ~ and a great family trip to Sarasota!?? Our big red golf cart as been quite the blessing this year too?
  • We had a very wet, yet spooktacular Halloween?
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas were both beautiful, memorable, and fun! And so will be the New Year‼️
  • We watched lots of good Netflix shows, but the best was watching the once in a full blue moon, eclipses, many rainbows, sunsets, and Saturn and Jupiter become one?
  • My family opened up it’s second group-home in Cooper City.
  • Life is good; we are blessed.
  • We stayed healthy and virus free?
Happy New Year, Everyone!! Wishing you all good health, prosperity, abundance, and blessings in 2021‼️??

Your friends…your choices…your vote…is a mirror reflection of you.

Do you like what you see?

Your actions have a reaction. Everything is an energy — a karma — that comes back around. The cards are being shown for exactly what they are. This is the time to decide and make good decisions. Our future depends on it!

If this guy was your friend, would you like him? Would you dine with him? Would you vote for him? Do you like what you see? Think about it. What kind of moral character does this man possess? The proof is in the pudding. “If you live by the sword, then you die by the sword.”


I have this new really cool friend~ he’s a charismatic guy with a huge EGO!! He really is a moron, but at least he “acts“ and does what he says he’s gonna do! Well, wait? Not always. But, still. He’s really rich and an entertainer, you know? Loves power and being on top!! Umm, but he does lack class, compassion, morals and common decency! You know? All the wonderful qualities that make a person a great, decent human being. However, I still feel he could be a great leader! I mean, his only downfall is, are rather, he mocks intellectually disabled individuals, grabs women by the p*ussy because he can, and rips children away from their mommy and daddy, he tends to bring out white supremacy and hate, and laughs and takes people dying from COVID lightly, etc…But other than that? Real great guy! He cares about people. Well, wait? Raping a thirteen-year-old girl is still in question. And other than his wife because he cheated on her, and doesn’t seem to like black people or Mexicans that much. I mean, he is trying to build a wall around them from us. Yeah, not so much…now that I think about it. Hmm?

Wait, that’s not true. He loves his wife and she loves and respects him. I can see it when he tries to hold her hand and she flirtatiously pushes it away. What a stinker! She plays hard to get with him.

So, I can tell you that you may be offended by him if you’re disabled, have a child who’s disabled, are a woman, have a little girl, have children, are an immigrant, are black, or aren’t a white male, or have COVID or someone you know dying of it…No biggie, though!!! That’s just a few minority, unimportant people. He’s loves rich, white people!!! So that’s all that matters!!!

I mean, who cares, right? As long as you’re not affected. You’d sit with him at a dinner table, having cocktails with this narcissistic buddy and laugh at those who unfriended this, I’m untouchable douche bag! However, only if you’re rich and he saved you on your taxes! So let’s not hope you can’t afford it, because if you can’t, he’ll still force you to pick up the tab!?

But, screw all that!!! This really, really cool guy wants to make America great again!! I say we vote him as our country’s leader. Yeah, let’s do it!!! Because I agree, it was great…you know? Before 2016. Wait, hold on… that was before I met him.

When America was actually enjoyable, peaceful, safe, and a “great” place to live! #proofisinthepudding

41st Birthday Blog


On September 24, 2020, I turn 41-years-old! How do I feel? Well, this past year (2020) from 40-41 has definitely been one of many ups and downs. So many challenges, emotions, changes, growth, lessons, tests, leaving myself feeling very tired and overwhelmed at times. Not always knowing if I’m making the right decisions for myself and my family — living every day moment to moment, sometimes with so much uncertainty and fear. However, I can also say it has brought along with it many blessings as well. But, I’ll get to that in a bit. I can say that I haven’t turned my energy over to the world, politically, globally, morally, etc…because the world doesn’t get me. I get me! I have to get myself. I have to get a hold on what I do everyday. I have to take care of myself, my household, my husband and my children. These are my responsibilities, my vows, and where my energy belongs. I have to keep us all in balance. It doesn’t belong to worry or fixing the problems of the world. At least, not mine. So, it’s funny that 2020 has made us “focus” on what’s most important. And I can say what it’s forced me to see what’s most important…my overall well-being. Everyday, I wake up and ask myself, “How are you feeling today? How are you blessed? What are you grateful for? What’s working for you? What isn’t working for you?” I read, I meditate (on occasion), I journal, and I PAY ATTENTION to my emotions and thoughts. I can’t control what’s going on in the world or what others are choosing to do with their lives. Sure, I can care. I do care! I can pray. I can help in any way that I can offer, but I can’t control it. So, why give over my worry, my stress, my concern over it? Where does that leave me? Does it help it? Of course not! The only thing that does is empty out your energy fuel, so there’s nothing left for yourself. That’s when you get sick and your “chi” energy gets blocked causing “dis-ease” or disease in the body. So, this year my focus is going to be on just that…”focus” on myself — my well-being, because that IS what I can control. It also makes me a better wife, mother and/or friend.

Let me show you what that looks like for me. It may look differently for everybody.

  • I no longer give my energy — my power — to what anyone else thinks or does, or how they feel I should live my life, whether or not I’m making the right or wrong decisions, whether they like me, judge me, accept me, validate me, or think how I act or what I choose is correct in their minds. It DOES NOT matter! All that matters is if I feel comfortable and good with my own decisions, behaviors, and life choices. Sometimes, even our closet family and friends disagree with us, and that’s ok. But that’s their choice. It doesn’t need to affect you. You can listen and be open-minded, but if their opinions are causing you to feel stressed, worthless, or uneasy, it’s time to set healthy boundaries. And say, “I hear you. But, I agree to disagree. I will worry about me, You worry about you. Thank you.” And move on! Save your energy for what’s important…again, WELL-BEING!
  • What matters everyday is your alignment with your thoughts, your feelings, and Source (God). If it feels good, it’s right! It’s right for you. That’s when you’re in alignment. And when you’re in alignment, you manifest all that you desire! So, it doesn’t matter where anyone else is in their journey, it’s their own. Yours is you own! And OWN it — you MUST!!! Plus, the proof is in the pudding. If your life is going in the direction you want, is great or successful, chances are, you are in alignment most of the time. We’re not perfect. We all make mistakes and have regrets, and some days we are WAY off, but your surroundings, manifestations, and relationships mirror what is going on with you on the inside. So, let your life be the prime example for that, not others opinions.
  • Another part of overall well-being, is “focusing” on what you desire to do everyday that matters most. We deplete our energies so many times a day on what we have to do (responsibilities) and what others expectations are of us, that we don’t do enough of what we WANT. What do you want? What are your passions, dreams, goals, desires, visions for your life? What do you LOVE to do? I know what mine are. And beside my family, I have my own. I love to sleep, read, eat, drink coffee and wine! I love to have fun with family and friends! I love to walk, do yoga, exercise, watch movies and my favorite shows! I love to write. I love art. I love to create, imagine and design things. I love to swim in my pool, soaking in the rich Vitamin D of the South Florida sun. I love the beach! I love to relax in my jacuzzi with my husband and a bottle of good red wine. I love to travel and see new places. I love to shop! I love to go to concerts and the movies! I love to get my hair and nails done. I love to do make-up and play dress up! I love what I get to do everyday as a career…be a story-teller. All of these things, plus so much more, bring me joy! So, everyday, I do at least one of these things, even many, to uplift my spirits! This is what makes me H-A-P-P-Y!!!:-))
  • Balance is key! I’ve been talking about this lately. BALANCE is really the key to overall well-being and happiness! I’m a true Libra (the balance scales), and balance is so important to me in my life! When my scales tip more to one side, it’s a sign that an area of my life is off, and it’s time to work on it. And those scales have been wavering more dramatically for me in my life lately. It’s saying, “Pay attention to this! Focus.” When you’re so focused on only one area, the other areas will force you to focus more on them, and that has been happening to me more than ever this year. So, I’m awake, paying attention, and focusing. It’s telling me it’s time for a change in this area. It’s time to fix it. It’s time to get some release and relief. It’s time to work on it. Those signs are there for us to help us get a grip on our lives, because ultimately, we are in charge of everything that comes into our existence through the Law of Attraction. Because what we think, what we believe, we will receive. And just like everyone, I want to receive the BEST that life can offer. Plus, those warning signs are there to save us from something bigger or worse happening, so again, “pay attention and stay focused.”

On that note, I said earlier that this year has been challenging, but it has also brought in some BIG blessings along the way. It’s given me the gift to be able to focus on my health and well-being, which is a good thing, and that of my children. Some amazing things have come out of it, like my son on the spectrum of autism getting the therapy services he needed, and having some huge breakthroughs, even starting to talk. We’ve saved and invested and made some pretty great financial gains and decisions. We’re healthy and conscious about what we eat and put in our mouths. My husband and I have had to lean on each other more than ever before, and it’s made us even stronger as a couple! Yes, we still drive each other crazy, but we still are crazy in love. It has shown me that…21-years-strong!!! Some great career opportunities have come into our existences that wouldn’t have otherwise, if it weren’t for the pandemic and social distancing. That’s a plus! Planet Mother Earth had some healing and rejuvenating time. Animals we’ve never even seen before came out from hiding, etc…and we learned that we’re all in this together. #OneLove

Last but not least, I stopped watching the news completely. Awe! Breath of fresh air. Trust me, I’m still completely up-to-date with what’s going on in the world. How can I not be? I don’t live under a rock. It’s everywhere and it perpetuates nothing but drama, anxiety and fear. It’s awful for your mental well-being! And I could give a flying “f” on your political views! Stop pushing them on me. My family and closet friends are super divided, and I hear both ends constantly over and over and over again! Blah, blah, blah (not to mention the views on social media). I can’t anymore! I put my hand up to it (the stop sign). Boundaries. And I don’t care who gets mad at me for it. No more here, please and thank you. That’s my right. They are yours! I don’t push mine on anyone else, nor do I judge you for your right to decide for yourself. If I did, I would be no better than the other political party for judging me on my decision. I will not speak publicly about who I vote for and why, because truth be told, it wouldn’t change your perspective anyway. It’s wasted energy that I don’t have an ounce of “give a shit” in my body to address. But I do have energy to go out and vote! And so do you, so just vote and shut up already, please!! Make the right decisions for you and your family because it’s the right one for you in your heart. Go with your own instinct! That’s the beauty of America and the privilege that we all have here — color, race, gender, religion, etc… — the the right to vote!!! Also, make a decision that doesn’t come from a self-centered place. Be an adult and use your knocker! If it could hurt or expose another individual to harm, then chances are it’s wrong. It’s not rocket science, it’s common decency, compassion and humanity. Think of your intention behind the action. Use class and integrity. That’s a world we can all share. That’s all I’m going to say for now about that. Peace. Stay well and safe out there, and “focused” on what is most important. But most importantly, don’t let anyone else steer you off of your course and your focus. It’s your right and place here on the planet. I know it’s mine, and this year, I’m claiming it!

41 is gonna be fun, fun, fun…without losing my focus, of course, and what matters most to me!!!;-)) Because it’s my life, and I can make it look any way I want. So, let’s get started…First, time to celebrate it. Celebrate this gift of life and all the blessings and abundance that is ours for the taking. What are we waiting for!?! Let’s get it, together <3 XOXO

If Autism Could Talk
By: Samantha Caprio-Negret
If autism could talk, what would it say?
It would say, “Stop trying to change me, I’m perfect this way!”
It would say, “I love you exactly for who you are, just by being you —
“So, why can’t you love me for who I am, and everything that I do?”
It would say, “I am not the system. I am the way God made me to be —
“So, let me be my own conformity, a child that lives without boundaries, who’s soul is limitless and free.”
It would say, “I’m not like the others and that’s okay —
“I wasn’t made to be, I am perfect THIS way.”
It would say, “Like the colors of the rainbow all different and bright —
“I shine on this planet with my own, unique light.”
It would say, “If you try to make me out to be the one you think is right, then you take away my soul’s true essence and will lose its very sight.”
If autism could talk what would it say?
“It would say, I came here with a mission, so please step out of my way —
“Just don’t hold me down, judge or rate me, and it will all be okay.”
If autism could talk what would it say?
It would say, “All you need to do is show me unconditional love —
“That is just my message from a higher power up above.”
“God doesn’t make mistakes, and neither am I. I am perfect in every way,” so if autism could talk, that’s what it would say?

Every year I like to write a birthday note/blog about where I am in my life.

This year is a BIG one… 4-0!!!

Go BIG or GO HOME, right? Right! That’s why I chose to roll into 40 like a BOSS!!! So, roll with me, my peeps…

What do I mean? I mean I own my life… I am my OWN BOSS! I steer my own ship. I am the author of my own life. NO… ONE… ELSE.

Let’s break that down. It means that self-love and self-worth are not only important, they are the MOST important things! It dictates every other area of your life and how those parts operate. Self-love and self-worth are not to be mistaken as self-ish. Women need to start doing more of both for themselves, because we mistake taking care of ourselves – or doting – over ourselves as considered to be just that. I’m here to tell you… it’s NOT! Not only is it not, but it’s self-less. Because when you take care of yourself and love yourself first, you have enough for ALL those you LOVE around you. Remember… oxygen mask on your face first before your own children. If the matriarch of the family crumbles, everything underneath of her will fall apart as well, just like a domino effect.

I choose to go into forty with a lot of self-love and care. That requires many things, including: not burning the candle at both ends, saying no more often, only doing or spending time on that and with those that are worth it and matter, ridding myself of toxic people (amazingly enough, there are NONE of those around me anymore; all gone; bye bye), doing things that bring me joy, finding adventure, traveling, being in the moment, health, nutrition, working out, spending a lot of time with family and friends, pampering and spoiling myself anytime I need it (because I work damn hard, and I deserve it), etc… the list goes on and on. You get my point, right? This is just “my own” personal list. It may be different for you, and that’s okay. As long as you’re loving and caring for YOU and owning your life the way you want… just like a BOSS!!!

For me, it also means finding what it IS that I do LOVE about myself (not what I don’t). Finding what I appreciate, what I’m grateful for, and what I do have (not what’s lacking). I’m going to acknowledge and appreciate those AMAZING qualities about myself and CELEBRATE those!!! Why wait for the perfect moment? There is never going to be a perfect moment. It’s NOW, because life is happening in this very moment. That is why it’s called the present. So here they are…

  • I know I’m not the same, toned, size 4 I was in my twenties. My hips and booty are bigger… well, everything on my body has gotten bigger, to be honest. But what has my body done for me? I’m proud that it’s gotten me through two bouts of fertility treatments of IUI, two of which failed, and two of which lead me to two pregnancies and my two beautiful children. My body has also been through one surprise pregnancy and miscarriage, and two surgeries. These experiences have molded me into the strong woman I am now. I’m proud that my body grew beautifully for my two children and carried them through. I’m grateful that when I was pregnant with my son during a full-term placenta previa, I still delivered a healthy, baby boy at thirty-seven weeks. I’m proud of it through many sleepless nights and breastfeeding both children.
  • I’m proud that I am a dedicated, giving, self-less wife of thirteen years (twenty together), and that I give everything I have to make a successful, happy marriage. I’m grateful that I’m doing life with a healthy man – inside and out – who’s my soulmate and best friend. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. We work on it every day as a team. But I’m proud that I picked a man who gives me the world, wants me to be happy, and allows me to be ME.
  • I’m proud that I am a hard-working, yet loving, caring and dedicated mother who gives my children every ounce of my love and absolute best every single day. Parenthood is the most challenging job in the world, yet the most rewarding. I’m so proud of myself for raising a child on the spectrum of autism with patience and courage, wisdom and knowledge, and I am giving absolutely everything I have within myself to give him the best life possible and doing it every day. Not to say I’m not scared, but I still take the time to educate myself about it. Not only that… I don’t allow his diagnosis to limit him, nor will I allow anyone else to either. If your energy isn’t positive around my son, you’re out! That’s the world I’ve created for him and my daughter – only a world of love and encouragement. I didn’t say I don’t discipline or guide, I just have failed if I ever have made my children feel like they’re not good enough. That’s not an option for me.
  • I’m also proud of the daughter, sister, and friend I am. My mouth and use of words can be my biggest curse if I’m not careful, but it has also been a BIG blessing when I use it as a gift, because I’m constantly telling people how much I love them, how much they mean to me, and how amazing they are; I do it in a way that can make people feel like they’re the most special person in the world too. I’m proud that I point out people’s worth and compliment them, and I don’t criticize or judge. It also helps me be a great communicator! In addition, I follow through with my actions by showing them how much they mean to me. My loyalty and giving of myself to them prove it to be so. I’ve never given up on anyone. If someone is no longer a part of my life, it’s because they proved to me that my life did not matter to them or they gave up on me. I set boundaries because I love myself. However, I don’t give up on my family and true friends… EVER! I am proud of my level of integrity and honesty as a human being, not to mention that I care, have a heart of gold and compassion, and I give back whenever I can possibly help it to a worthy person or cause in need.
  • Lastly, I am so proud of what I’ve accomplished in my career. Years and years of writing, practicing, revising, critiquing, etc… I wrote and finished three children’s books and a screenplay. I’ve managed on my own to get two of the three books published (without an agent). Let’s not forget the years and years of rejections of submitting. I still am getting many rejections on projects, but I’ve never let that get in my way! So, I’m proud of my level of discipline, persistence and tenacity. I have not let the word, “no,” stop me from my dreams. I also haven’t allowed anyone else to dictate my destiny based on their own opinions or perceptions of me or my passion. Nor have I let what other people think of me get in my way from continuing to be me. I don’t care what people think anymore, because I know who I am and what I bring to the table. If they don’t like it, it’s their loss and has no barrier over my life whatsoever. Today and every day, I am celebrating my accomplishment as a human being on this earth for forty years and becoming a published author and that the fact that I’ve never given up on either!!!

We don’t need anyone else to point out where we’re wonderful, we’ve got all the power within, and that’s another important lesson I know now going into forty. If you don’t LOVE yourself, then no none else can. It also makes for a longer, healthier, more prosperous and abundant life! Come on, do it with me… let’s join in together to love ourselves more. Point out where you’re great, not where you lack. Then we’ll have so much more to BESTOW upon the world. Let’s all be our very own BOSSES!!!:-))

• To the parent of a child with autism…

“A parent worries about their children, double that for the parent of a child with autism. A parent feels guilty that they’re not making all the best decisions for their children, double that for the parent of a child with autism. A parent gets scared when their child gets sick, double that for the parent of a child with autism. A parent feels that having children costs more money, double that for the parent of a child with autism. A parent feels that their child needs support, guidance or help, double that for the parent of a child with autism. A parent feels that their child needs their time and patience, double that for the parent of a child with autism. A parent is proud when their child walks or talks for the first time, DOUBLE that for the parent of a child with autism. A parent is proud when their child wins an award or an achievement, gets on the honor roll, graduates high school or college, etc…

A parent of a child with autism doesn’t focus on those things. They just focus on the moment — whether their child is saying a word, pointing a finger, making eye contact, taking off their shoes, playing with other children, smiling or crying at the appropriate moment, playing productively with a toy, being integrated, going outside of their schedule or norm, feeding themselves, personal hygiene, etc…. just being happy, healthy, and having as close to a normal life as possible. So when the honor roll comes, graduating high school or college happens, or an award or achievement is ever accomplished, we won’t just be proud, we’ll be over-the-moon, because we know that life is an absolute miracle and so are our children with autism. We will also have proof that with love, care, and faith, anything is possible.

Parents feel their children are special and are a blessing…
DOUBLE that for the parent of a child with autism.”

• To the parent of a child with autism…

“You’re doing a great job! I see you even if no one else does. You’re good enough, so is your child. You don’t need another person to recommend one more thing for your child. You know exactly what your child needs intuitively. Don’t give up. You’ve got this; you’re not alone. It does get better. Autism does not have to be a life label. Our children are simply incredible, and so are WE!!!
We’re freakin’ superheros, so feel free to tell yourself that on occasion.?❤️
God chose us for the job, so we must be pretty special too!”☺️

• Our children with ASD are not just their disability. They each have a unique soul and gift. They have a way of looking at the world from a different lens. Their minds are exquisite. If anything, they are changing our world for the better, because they are ONLY pure LOVE and compassion. Don’t underestimate their ABILITY.

** Autism Speaks determines that 1 in 59 children is diagnosed with ASD. Boys are four times more likely.**