2024 and the Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024 is bringing out people’s true colors and paying back karmic debts! Let the truth set you free! Situations and relationships end in order for new chapters and ones to begin. The snake is shedding its skin. Look out for the wolf in sheep’s clothing and those who have your back. “It’s hard to tell who has your back, from who has it long enough just to stab you in it.”

“Beware the person who stabs you and then tells the world they’re the one who’s bleeding.”

These are the characters who will be revealing themselves. And for those who have already been there, you know the pain all too well. Right? It doesn’t feel fair. Sometimes, we give our hearts to people, we’re vulnerable, honest, real, and good to them, and we still get burned. We may be used, abandoned, ghosted, etc… They steal our pure energies or even emotionally or physically rob from us. However it ends, it still ends. Whatever the betrayal looks like, it’s still betrayal. We may feel the need to even take revenge, but don’t. Instead, take the high road. And I’ll tell you why…

There is no need to seek vengeance. Karma will take care of that on its own. The victimizer will become the victim. The backstabber will become the backstabbed. Life has a way of doing onto them what they have done onto others. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

It may not be done by you, but another will do exactly the same to them, or a situation will occur where they will pay their karmic debts.

So, sit back my good-hearted ones! Grab a bag of popcorn or a glass of wine, and watch with a sly smile on your face as the movie (of revenge) plays out! Trust that you will watch the enemy unravel before your eyes. It will not only be fair and just, but better than anything you could’ve planned for them with your own plan. Let the universe do its karmic work. It’s not that we want to see them hurt necessarily, but to say that we just want them to feel exactly the pain that they caused onto us. Not because we’re mean, but because we are human. And to do that? It’s not through words. It’s only through actions. Show don’t tell.

It won’t take away the pain that they cast on you. It won’t even erase the good memories you shared with them up until the point of betrayal, and that’s okay. You want to hold onto the good memories. It molded you into who you are today. Also, you will gain. What? You may ask. What will I gain? Self-worth. Value for what you bring to the table. Boundaries. Trusting more in yourself. Growth. Evolving. And a brand new chapter. In order to begin to walk through that door of all new opportunities, experiences, and relationships, you must let go of those who no longer serve you. Let it be! Let it be a lesson learned. Not only for you, but for them. Because when they feel your absence, they will live with regret, the guilt and shame of knowing they hurt and let go of one of the good ones, and they can never have another YOU again. We, on the other hand, will not only have had the trash take itself out, but we will only gain those who are better for us and who will only lift us up higher. It will raise your frequency! They will match your vibration, and together you will meet in alignment. They will appreciate your existence. They will let you know it everyday, and you will have a delicious everlasting bond that couldn’t have been there in your light due to the shadows that were casting you in their darkness.

So again, let it be! Let it go. And you will see that there will always be an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

“There are friends, then there are “best” friends!”♥️
S. Caprio-Negret
Friends are typically there for you when it’s fun and easy, and they tell you what you generally want to hear. Why? Because it’s easy. And most people are afraid of confrontation and rejection. But “best” friends tell you what you need to hear, whether you like it or not. Why? Because they have your “best” interest at heart. “Best” friends aren’t competitive or jealous. They don’t want to walk in your shadow, they want to hold your hand in the light. They want you to be happy! But they’re still going to tell you the truth. Through our truth, is where we find our authenticity and bliss. They love you when it’s easy, of course, but most importantly, they unconditionally love you when it’s tough.
If telling them your feelings or the truth makes them become defensive or argumentative, it may invite in the confrontation or rejection, but it’s only because they’re afraid and don’t want to face it. But truth be told, they’re only rejecting themselves. Only when issues are addressed can you reach positive change and growth. And there’s no change without change. That takes courage. But also it takes vulnerability. And only through vulnerability can we show who we really are, what we’re afraid of ~ what we’re hiding from. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with our friends, that leads to a deeper connection. That leads to acceptance. And only with deeper connection and acceptance, can we make a “best” friend. But it’s a “best” friend who will love you through it all! They don’t judge. They support. They listen. They encourage. They stick it out. They lift you up higher, they won’t bring you down.
So, if you have a lot of friends, good for you! Your life will be filled with surfaced friendships. But if you’ve made a “best” friend, hold onto them. Because you can bet times will get tough again, and when it does, you will need your “best” friend. The other friends will scatter, but the “best” friend will be right by your side… hand-in-hand. They’ll love you for who you are no matter what… whether or right or wrong, flaws and all. When you fall down and break, they’re the ones who are there to help you pick up the pieces.

Birthday Blog

Looking back over the last year…
I always love to write an annual birthday blog to reflect on how I’ve grown and what I’ve learned for sure. It may not be the same or resonate for you, but I still like to share my thoughts and experience, and hopefully, you will relate or even gain something from it yourself.
To keep it short, sweet, and to the point, I’m gonna write 11 things, being 11 is one of my lucky numbers. I have been seeing 11:11 constantly, which is just a sign for me from the universe that I’m conscious, in alignment, and in manifesting mode! At least, in my opinion.
So, here they are below. I hope you enjoy reading them!
1) I have learned that caring for and loving yourself first is the most important. Otherwise, you have nothing in your tank to offer anyone else. It’s not selfish, it’s self-FULL!!! It’s also self-LOVE <3
2) Sometimes the people you expect or rely on the most, disappoint you, and the ones you least expect, come through for you!
3) Plan your life, expect things to turn out a certain way, or control all your ducks lining up, and watch how it goes in a different direction. Expect the unexpected! “Man plans, God laughs!” Acceptance and surrendering are HUGE virtues!!
4) If you don’t find passion, fun, and/or joy in your life, you will slowly wither away!
5) Obviously, there are things we have to do. But if it’s a choice, ask yourself this, “Do I want to do it, or do I have to do it?” If it’s not a want, then it should be reconsidered. Your time is precious! Some things and people are worth it, and others are NOT.
6) Be kind. Go out of your way for the ones who are worth your time and appreciate you. It feels good to give! But don’t waste another second of your life on those who aren’t worth it or you have to make see your value. Otherwise, you will lose yourself in the process. If you add something to the relationship that’s valuable, and they don’t see it, it’s their loss, not yours!
7) It’s okay to respect other people’s no’s and boundaries, however, it’s just as important that they respect yours! It goes both ways. What you give, you get back. What you preach, follow. You reap what you sow, so be impeccable with your word and actions. Your reputation proceeds you.
8) Find time in a day to be creative in some way. Draw. Paint. Sculpt. Write. Dance. Plan an event. Be crafty. Do beauty treatments on yourself or someone else, etc…it’s therapy for the soul! You don’t have to be good, you just have to show up and be present.
9) Do something out of the goodness of your heart when you feel inspired to! Not to get a “thank you” or get anything back, just because it feels fantastic to give and put a smile a someone else’s face. They may need it. Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud when you can. There will come a time when you need it too. #GoodKarma
10) Slow down. We are moving too fast! When you move too fast, accidents and mishaps are more likely to happen. We forget things. We also miss out on the details. It’s okay to be late sometimes, it shows we are human. You don’t have to be perfect, just do your best! It’s all gonna be okay and work out. Don’t run people off the road to make your time work. Theirs is just as important. There’s a difference between disregarding other people’s time and you taking yours. Find the balance. When you move slower, meditate, stop and smell the roses a bit, you are more in alignment because you’re in the NOW! And that’s all we have is the NOW! Don’t look back, it’s over with. Don’t be in the future, it hasn’t happened yet. The now is a gift, and that’s why they call it the PRESENT!!! Because it’s never about the destination anyway, it’s always about the JOURNEY, which leads me to #11.
11) I use to want to manifest tangible things, and now I just want to manifest happiness, joy, abundance, prosperity, good health, and healthy relationships. If the person or situatin is toxic, I just walk away, and I don’t even have to announce it anymore. I use to have to explain it to the person, or try and make them see the light of day! Not anymore. It’s a total waste of precious energy. I always say don’t be afraid of my roar, be afraid of my silence. If I’m fighting with you, I’m still fighting for you. When I’m quiet, the lesson and relationship has served its purpose and is most likely done. Everyone’s journey is unique and their own, and the only and most important one to me, is MINE.
However, to add to this, I have learned this…relationships are like seasons. They change, come and go. However, the ones that are meant to be, will come back around again, just like the seasons always do eventually. But keep moving forward. Don’t look back. Keep your eye on the road ahead, and don’t let anyone or anything detour you off of your life’s path. That road is between you and God alone, and no one, I mean, no one has the power to change your destiny or purpose here.
PS. Everyday ask yourself what you bring to a room. There are two types of people ~ an energy-drainer or an energy-giver! Which are you? I know that I’m an energy-giver, because I know who and what I am. And I give 100 percent of myself and my heart when I give to those I care about. The difference between then and now is this…when it’s taken advantage of, I get very protective of it. Before, I used to take up so much time letting the energy vampires take from me or emotionally dump. I couldn’t understand why it was always about them or why they couldn’t see what blessings I contributed. I would be so drained and felt so unappreciated. Now, I know why. Just like a vampire who can’t see their own reflection in the mirror, they don’t even see themselves or their own toxicity, so how could they see ME? Because I choose to believe in me, I just withdraw now. Because at the end of the day, I choose ME. My life is meant to be celebrated and so is YOURS! So, what are you waiting for? It’s happening now. What better time is there?
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As far as the Writers’ Strike (WGA) is concerned, I wanted to say…
Good for them!!! I don’t typically post anything on worldly news or politics, but this one is close to home, and I fully support these writers! As an author and screenwriter, I can say that in Hollywood, the treatment isn’t great, especially if you’re a “woman” screenwriter. And many writers work for years with minimal to no paycheck. The majority of the movie exec’s and producers are typically rich white men who make the calls and dictate what happens with the creative vision, whether you like it or not. “You want your work sold? Write it the way we tell you it’ll be marketable. No, you like my work? Take it or leave it. But if you take it, appreciate it!!” Appreciate the story we want to share. Appreciate that you’re not doing us a favor and making us money, we’re giving you an opportunity to make money. Not the other way around, actually. I’m not saying don’t make revisions, that’s a neccesity, I’m saying don’t break it down and build it back up the way you want, and then pay us crap!! Then it’s no longer our vision, our rights, our project baby. They toss you around the industry like you’re replaceable, don’t pay enough, and don’t value you enough! Meanwhile, if is wasn’t for the writers who are the backbone and heart of the story, there would be none, and there wouldn’t be any jobs for producers, movie exec’s, actors, TV hosts and personalities, etc… yet the front men and women get all the fame, fortune, and credit.
Don’t even get me started on the celebrities who write (don’t write their own memoirs, children’s books, etc…) and become bestsellers the week their books are released, yet there are unknown writers who work years on their books or screenplays, before being released, who are so talented and can barely make ends meet. Can I be an actor tomorrow without studying the craft first for years, or dance “The Nutcracker” after a few ballet lessons? No! Yet, everyone thinks they have a great story and can write a book! Maybe you do have a great story, maybe not to someone else, but not everyone can or should write a book or a script. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that. It’s an insult, by the way, to us who are actually out there busting our butts, day in and day out!! Or those who don’t write and try and give us tips on how to sell our work. It’s not a hobby either. It’s our careers!!! I’ve been a writer, studying the craft and writing for over twenty years. Not a hobby. My life’s path. It’s theirs too. Time to take the writers more serious. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people still don’t even ask me or acknowledge my work, or their faces when I tell them I’m a published author and have written a “gangster-crime-drama feature,” like I’m a green alien. “I had no idea!” One guy even said to me once, “I didn’t think you did anything.” I vommitted in my mouth! Lol! Hey, don’t judge a book by its cover. It would be like me not validating you with what you do. Everyone needs to be seen, heard, appreciated and validated for their hard work!
How many of you know the actors who played in “The Godfather, When Harry Met Sally, The Goonies, Moonstruck, Steel Magnolias, The Princess Bride”, just to name a few great ones…but, how many of you know who wrote it off the top of your heads? Exactly!!! Time to change this. The artists only highlight the good writing. Bad writing can make any good artist look bad, but good writing can make any bad artist look good.
#fistsup #pensdown #writersstrike

Autistic individuals are here to teach us that they will not conform to society’s standards of the way they live. They’re here to show us how to conform to their way of living, whether we like it or not. In all honesty, they don’t care about what we think. We care about what we think. And in that, there’s freedom in conformity and ego. The hardest thing for us to separate for us as human beings ~ our soul, which is in its pure essence, from the ego. Autistic individuals are already living in their purest essence, which is in total alignment to our Source. Therefore, they’re showing us our own truest essence, and how to demonstrate to us that difference — that separation. So, by not changing or fixing them, we’re fixing us. We’re fixing our approach to their way. They’re imperfectly perfect, and there’s nothing about any special needs individual that needs to be fixed. All they need is love and acceptance. But the biggest lesson is them actually showing us what we need to accept and fix about ourselves.

What if we changed our thought process — our perspective? Instead of asking, “How can we make it better for them to fit into what we believe is a normal life?” Maybe we ask ourselves this, “How can we make it more comfortable for us to fit inside their normal lives?” I mean, what the heck is normal anyway? No one I know is. Is it getting a college education, getting married, having children, being successful, having the picture-perfect house or car? Nothing wrong with any of that, by the way. I’m just sayin’! I mean, who defines this? What if their souls are coming onto our planet — more and more — in large numbers to change us? Because they are “changing” us. What if it’s to raise our frequency to theirs, and not the other way around? Maybe they’re not meant to be ‘normal’. Maybe they’re here to teach us: patience, understanding, unconditional love, how to be in a moment, freedom. Freedom from what? You may ask. From our own self-absorbent egos… how we look, what we make, what others think, who we vote for, etc… Because truth be told, they don’t care about any of that. They just are. And God forbid that is our life’s purpose…to just be…to not accomplish any accolades, awards, or trophies or be the most successful person on the block with the biggest house. To be the all-time, talented sport’s jock. The next best lawyer or doctor. What if they are here to just be? To simply change the world by existing in their purest, most natural form. God made us all different for a reason. So, wouldn’t these individuals have theirs? Of course, they do! So, why does society always feel the need to control it for them, or to change the course of their destiny? What if the only answer on how to respond to their so-called condition, “autism,” is to just be loved and accepted? That’s it! Would that be so bad? Isn’t that what we all strive for anyway? What if their main purpose is to remind us that’s all that really matters? Wouldn’t that be enough? It should be. Maybe next time you run into a parent with an autistic child you don’t make a recommendation for them on how to fix or make it better for their child or themselves. Maybe you mean well, yes. But, maybe you’re insulting them because it translates to, “Your child isn’t good enough as is, so let me assist in making them a better human being! Or you haven’t thought about that yet as a parent? What are you some kind of idiot?” Trust me. We have. Before you. Wouldn’t you be insulted if it was your so-called ‘normal’ kid? I mean, if the parent asks for your advice, then by all means, go for it and give it ALL away! But if I had to guess, they’re not. Because most of them have thought about ten-hundred times more things for their own child than you could have ever imagined! So, we’re not asking…unless we are “really” asking. Most of the time, it’s unwanted advice and not needed. However, this is what a parent of an autistic child wants to hear. I know because I am one. “Hey, you’re doing a great job! But, if you ever need anything or any recommendations, I have some good ones, and I’m here for you. How can I help?” Offer, but don’t push. Then, allow them the decency to ask on their own terms. It’s not personal. That parent of an autistic child has one thousand thoughts, ideas, plans, solutions, hopes, cares, work ahead, therapy, schooling, you name it, etc…on their brains. The last thing they need is an unsolicited suggestion about how playing outside and socializing with other kids can help them tremendously, changing their diets can fix their gut issues, or therapy works wonders! Duh!!! We know, and it’s not always that simple. I’m just trying to save you from the ignorance. I’m not meaning your intentions aren’t coming from a good place; They usually are. But, we’re not raising lab rats. We’re raising children, just like you are.

The rainbow’s symbolism is hope. The storm always passes. The sun eventually comes out, and you have to get through the rain to see the rainbow.  The rainbow is the symbol for autism. So, wouldn’t the symbolism for autism be hope? Incase you forgot the true meaning of the word, let me refresh your memory. “Hope is an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes in ones’s life or the world at large.” If you ask me, that’s exactly what they’re here to teach. Couldn’t be a more “perfect” plan or individual made from God; God doesn’t make mistakes. But God doesn’t create free will. We do, and so does the soul. So, respect these individuals’ decision to come here as they are, while we have the free will to reposed to them as we choose. Choose wisely. Put yourself in their shoes. Would they judge you? So, who’s the one who needs to conform? They’ve already mastered it! They are the true teachers. We are their students. Not the other way around. Like it or not. It is what it is. If it makes you uncomfortable that you can’t control or fix them, then you’re the one who needs fixing. On that last note, if your intention is to love, guide, care for, accept, acknowledge, embrace, spend time with, get to know, and encourage them, then thank you and you’ve learned their lesson.

Forty-three, love me! 43… love you💕
All about the L.O.V.E this year💗
“It’s the way of life…”
Every year on my birthday, I like to write a little blog about where I am emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc…
I usually base it on a theme. This year’s theme is forty-three, LOVE ME. This year is gonna be all about self-love and care. I’ve already started going into it on a nutritional plan, already down seven pounds and counting and feeling great!! 42 was an absolute emotional roller coaster… there were some amazing blessings, like purchasing my new Key Largo condo, which has been awesome, but there were also a lot of loss and new beginnings. Transformations. Change. Growth. I’ve also watched many people I love go through their own. So, that’s not easy for an empath!! But I also felt myself pulled in a thousand different directions, not just with myself, but to help others as well. A lot of people rely on me, need me, count on me, etc… and although, I feel loved and blessed with abundance, it’s time to draw some serious lines in the sand. So, the next year will be about focusing on my health, nutrition, and fitness again. I want to get back into great shape! I’ll be diving into my career ~ more writing, my passion projects, creativity ~ finding time to do what pleases me and gives me joy! More time to laugh and have fun. Life is short! That I’ve witnessed. People take it and themselves WAY too seriously! I want to do less of that. I’ve gotten so much better at being in a moment, including NOT being on social media when I’m in one. Finding the perfect balance between my family time, ME time, time with my husband (ALONE), time with my friends, time for my career, etc… because I do believe you can have it all. If you practice BALANCE, and learn to give back to yourself. Love yourself more everyday! Self-love. Self-acceptance. Acceptance on where you currently are in your life. Be easy on yourself! Patience, compassion, grace and kindness more for YOU. Gratitude and appreciation on what you DO have. Lack of attention to what you don’t. Stop beating the drum to negativity or what doesn’t work! Stop wasting time on people who don’t fit into your life, who you have to chase down, or don’t do right by you! That one I got long ago! But really, I do feel I just get better with age. Because, “When you know better, you do better!” Like Maya Angelou said.
Taking the time to love yourself and to say no more to others may sound selfish, but it couldn’t be further from the truth! I always say it’s self-FULL!! I am the most selfless, giving, compassionate person, and sometimes that can be a problem. It can become expected, or non-appreciated, or even taken advantage of. Then that’s when my tank goes straight to EMPTY and DONE! So, this year I will be filling it back up with all the love and care and things, people, and places that I love to do and see and be with!!! Not, “I have to do it… I want to do it!” I need to take this year to fill it back up. There were so many people who came to my rescue when I needed it most (when my sister passed), whom I’m forever grateful to, but there were also a few who surprisingly really let me down. They don’t even know it, or maybe they do. They should know better, at least. Some I even expected because I have always done it for them. Those are the ones to release and let go of. No heavy weight or baggage! No even telling them or explaining it. Why bother? Wasted energy. There’s always an opportunity for people to show you their true colors. And boy, when given the chance, do they ever!! Believe them the first time. But let them take the trash out for you. No more toxicity. Just positivity and good vibes! 43. Love me. Love you💕💓💕
Pick and choose wisely who and what are worth your time. But more importantly, pick and choose even more wisely who and what are worth the battle.
My mantra for this year, “If it or they don’t dazzle you, it or they aren’t for you!”✨✨✨
Now, let’s go DAZZLE and LOVE ourselves more!!!




Let me tell you a little story about FEAR (aka F-E-A-R ~ False. Evidence. Appearing. Real)


Let me set the stage for you first…




When I graduated from Florida International University in Broadcast Journalism school in 2003, I was so excited about getting a job in TV. I loved script writing, and the live excitement of being in front of a camera. I also have always been a huge movie buff and can remember movie lines like flash cards in my mind. To this day, I love words and storytelling, and I know that writing is where I’m meant to be. However, as time went on, I realized more and more that it wasn’t my love for journalism as much as it was my love for writing fiction and telling a story the way I wanted to tell it. Also, I didn’t want to stay subjective and write a story about someone else’s tragedy or trauma; I didn’t want to depress the world anymore, I wanted to uplift the world, and take them out of reality – not put them more into a somber one. That’s where my love for fantasy writing stepped in. But before I even get into that story, which is for a different day, I want to tell you how I turned into a screenwriter…


Let’s rewind a minute here. Let’s go back to the word I mentioned earlier, FEAR. So shortly after graduation and the job hunting in broadcast journalism became a bust, I dreamt of writing a movie – a screenplay. But how? I already had the exact story in my mind, an animal-talking inspired one with all the furry friends ~ my pets ~ who’ve I had at some point during my life! Basically, an animation feature. So, I pick up this book, “Screenplay: Writing the Picture,” by Robin U. Russin and William Missouri Downs from Barnes & Noble (no Amazon then, peeps)!


With a cup of coffee in hand, ready to learn and write, with anticipation and excitement in my mind and heart, I read these sentences, “It’s a sad fact, but after all the months of brain-wracking effort that went into writing, most screenplays submitted get rejected.” Also, “Improper format is the surest way to get your script tossed in the rejection pile.” That’s all it took for me to see, and I was already done before I even started. I shelved the book for years where it collected dust, and I never wrote that story as a screenplay. First, I was like, “I don’t know how to write a screenplay, it’s for sure getting tossed in the rejection pile. What am I even doing? I don’t stand a chance!” That fear was enough to strip away at my dreams! But halt… not entirely. That is not the end. In fact, it was just the beginning of my writing career… and lots and lots of rejections to come!!! But, not no success.


So, there it is… a long story short. I was too afraid to write the screenplay. But that story was inside of me still. I decided to write it as a children’s book instead, and I did. I named it, MURPHY: THE PHAT CAT, a 19,000 humorous animal-talking chapter book, which started my journey as a published children’s book author. I put the screenwriting out of my mind… until. Until a movie producer (fatefully), walked into my life and an opportunity for another screenplay crossed my path. This one is a true story about my Italian great-grandparents, set in 1917. There’s historical written record about it, and how the Black Hand Society and murder, revenge and love affected their lives and future generations to come. Well, what do you think I did? You guessed it, probably. With more confidence than five years prior, I took that “Screenplay: Writing the Picture”, book back out. I dusted it off, and I wrote my first ever screenplay. It took me and my co-writer, Richard Sorin, about two full years from start to finish. We named it MANO NERA – a 129-page drama feature. Not to mention, we’ve revised it over the years, time and time again, and I am so unbelievably proud of this project! We really worked hard and passionately on it.


Now, let’s fast forward to today…two finished screenplays later, one in the works, and three finished children’s books (two of which have been published), and lots of years of tears and rejections, I haven’t quit. I’ve been going ever since. Has FEAR peeped it’s ugly head back in? Of course, it has… a lot! However, this time around, I haven’t allowed it to get in my way of giving up on my writing dreams. There’s still a lot of uncertainty and ups and downs. There are still rejections!! But, if I would have given up, I wouldn’t currently be an official selection and winner in nine different film festivals. I mean… NINE and counting… for both of my scripts combined. Who knows what’s to come? But if I had to bet, my movie(s) are – it’s just a matter of divine timing, persistence, never allowing anyone to tell you “no,” and/or allowing FEAR to stand in your way! Remember, it’s just false evidence appearing real. It’s not real. The only thing that’s real is the thoughts you tell yourself. There’s no one ever getting in your way other than YOU! Anything is possible if you set your mind to it, then there’s no telling what can happen! Shoot for the stars – the sky is the limit. And it’s okay if that little monster FEAR steps in on occasion… it’s normal. It’s a part of life and being human. Just befriend him. He’s a reminder that if it didn’t scare you, it won’t change you. If it’s not scaring you, then you’re not dreaming big enough! So, go dream BIG, and when your monster FEAR is screaming at you in your nightmares, “You can’t do it, you’re not good enough!” Know you’re exactly where you should be. Because it’s the fear that’s afraid of your light and how great and unstoppable you can become. Oh, and one more thing…TRUST over FEAR. Trust that everything is unfolding for you exactly how it’s meant to. MURPHY was meant to be a children’s book, and I was meant to pursue that road first. It taught and gave me so much more than I could’ve ever imagined, even friends. All those roadblocks and setbacks and doors closed for me, only led me to the path I was meant to journey on. Also, I’m blessed to do both – books and screenplays. I really do LOVE both! No two people’s paths are the same, so never compare. Not even FEAR can keep you from accomplishing what you’re meant to do. Live your dreams, unapologetically, pursue your passions, and you’d be surprised how the universe will open itself up to you. Allow it to surprise you! Look at FEAR in the face, and just say to him, “Oh, you again! Can you please step aside? You’re in my way.” Keep ROCKIN’ on, peeps! It isn’t over until it’s over. Just never give up!


And if you need proof… just look below. The proof is in the pudding!



New Year’s Note 2021~2022


“If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger!”


Every year, around the new year, I write a blog, reflecting on the past year – and I kind of pick a theme. This past year, I feel like, “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger!” At least, that’s what it felt like for me. It was one of the most challenging years for me personally and for my family, however, there were some awesome, fantastic moments as well! 2021 was kind of like a bipolar year – very high highs and very low lows.


It led me to this theory, though, which kind of feels a lot less heavy, in a way. Life has a very funny way of working itself out if we just let it and TRUST. Why are we so reluctant to having faith in the process? If life really does always work out for us. Even if we’re feeling in the moment like it isn’t. When we take some time, and step aside from it, and reflect…look back…go inward…stop moving so fast all the time, we will see the picture a lot more clearly. Like, “Oh, yeah, even though, I didn’t want that job to end, friendship, change of residence, or whatever change or evolvement we’re going through, then we look back at it, and realize it was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to us. For example, how the pandemic has made us see what and who is important to us, and what deserved our energy. Because isn’t it so precious? Our time really becomes a gift the older we get. I always say, “Pick and choose your battles wisely.” I feel that this last year and 2020 made us realize that health and well-being is of the upmost importance, because without it, we don’t have much. And without those around us that we love, we don’t have much. Cherish and be grateful for every healthy day on this beautiful planet Earth that we’ve been given. Love ourselves and our home. It may not seem like it, but for all the bad news we’re reading and seeing every day, there are a billion more good ones that aren’t being covered. There are good people doing good deeds every day that we don’t know or hear about. Don’t focus on what everyone else is doing or what their opinions are about you and your life, focus on what matters – under your own roof. Make that better, make your wellbeing a priority, focus on that and those that matter most. Change that, and the world around us will slowly start changing. Everyone is always focused outward, but the only place to be focused, or that matters, is inward. Then, and only then, everything (including relationships) will transform and manifest around us. Believe me or not? The bad times definitely show you who is really there for you. True colors shine! So, if they walked away, they were never really your friend to begin with. You may even have noticed that the only reason you had a relationship with them to begin with was because you were the only one who put in the effort. So, them washing out of your life was what it is – a cleansing – a blessing. No more negative energy focused there. Remember? Your energy is precious. Pick and choose it wisely.


Let me end it and leave this here… “Life keeps moving on, and we’ve got to just keep on moving with it.” If we go with the flow, and give up the resistance, and surrender to it, we will be pleasantly surprised about what it has in store for us. But, if fear is the driving force, or control, resistance builds, and we can’t allow those gifts in. Stop thinking you have all the answers all the time. Surprise yourself with the beliefs of how much this or that sucks, or judgements based on how everyone else is living their life, and solely focus on how this is changing you, transforming you, and making you and everything else better. Those who can “go with the flow” and evolve, will. Those you can’t, won’t. But it’s up to the soul; it’s not up to you. Let it go! Live. Don’t be so afraid all the time or worry about every little thing! Embrace the change. Surrender. Be in the moment. Appreciate those and that you have in your life, and more good will come in. What you give your focus on only grows bigger. So, keep staying focused on the positive ones, because there is far more positive than negative. Whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone. Everyone has their challenges… EVERYONE!!! Go outside your own problems occasionally and reach out to someone else who is having a tougher time. Because someone else is always worse off and needs it more than you. Always. But whatever it is, this too shall pass. Remember, go with it. Let it flow; let it go! Trust. You will triumph, and overcome it…life will keep moving on, and you will go right with it. Right into 2022…like, “Okay, I got this!” Because you do, you’re still here, and you’re only getting stronger.


God bless you all! Stay healthy, happy and well, everyone!!!

“I don’t know why God gave me a special needs’ sister and then a special needs’ son, but I guess that must mean I’m pretty special myself! So, don’t pity me, praise me.”?
S. Caprio-Negret
Lately, going through what I have been with my sister and then still having to be a mom to a son on the spectrum of autism, I’ve been thinking a lot more lately about the reasons ~ their purpose and mine. And it’s hard to say, but I can tell you from just them existing, they’re a blessing. They’re changing lives. They’ve changed mine. They’re inspirations to many! They’ve been better teachers to me than I could ever be to them, and the gifts they’ve given me along the way are priceless and pure unconditional love. Not many people can say they’ve experienced it, and I can say with them, I have experienced it double. “Why?” you may ask. Because their souls are PURE to their truest core. That’s unconditional. They don’t know it, and they don’t judge themselves or anyone. They live in the NOW! They don’t care about the things we stress over. It’s not to say their lives haven’t come with challenges. They’ve come with many, but the blessings outweigh them. On days I don’t know what to do, somehow God guides me and gives me strength that I didn’t know I had in me. “You’ve got this! I’ve got you!” I hear in my soul.
I remember the day I received Enzo’s autism diagnosis. I felt like a black hole was going to swallow me up. It didn’t. I lived through it. And literally the day after, a huge rainbow appeared over my house. No joke. “Hope,” was the message. Crying, I called a dear friend of mine and asked, “Why me?” I’ve already grown up with a sister with special needs. It’s not fair! I should be exempt from this.” And I really felt that way, because never in a million years did I ever feel I would have to worry about my child being there. It wasn’t happening twice and to my immediate family. And she responded, exactly, “Why not you?” You’re the perfect person who knows how to handle this. Enzo was born into the perfect, special family who has all the heart, love, and resources he’ll ever need. How amazing for him! Now he can be who he truly was meant to become.” Never have I ever forgot that and those words. They carry me through it…all…the…time.
So, if you’re a parent of a child with special needs, don’t ask yourself, “Why me?” anymore. Ask yourself, “Why not me?” I’m the perfect person to handle this situation. Because God only picks very special people to care for very special people. He knew what he was doing when he chose you ~ when he chose me and my family.
Our only mission is to not live for them, but to love them back unconditionally the same way they have for us. That’s their mission ~ their lesson. They’re asking us to accept their imperfections perfectly ~ to carry them through this life on a platform to give them the voice that they were meant to have without judgment. The voice may sound different. It may even be silent, but they speak wonders! We just have to listen with an open ear. Not tell them what they need to learn, but to listen to them about what it is that we need to learn. They’ve got the secret already. They’re the old souls; they’re the wise ones. We’re just the students.
PS. The last thing to ever say to a parent with a child with special needs when they tell you is, “Oh, I’m so sorry.” Never apologize to them for God’s unconditional gift of love, that’s an insult. I know you mean well, but that’s sending the message of, “I’m sorry your child is not perfect.” When in fact, they absolutely are! Don’t pity them, praise them.

New Year’s Eve Note

I wrote a blog back in September for my birthday — the theme of my year, and I called it, “Focus”?
I want to stick with that for my NYE’s note being I believe that life ~ the moment ~ is all what we’re focused on ~ our perspective from one own’s POV. Happiness is a practice; it’s a journey, not a destination. Joy is found in the NOW?
Yes, 2020 was full of serious stress and challenges, and trust me, I’ve had my own share of them myself. But there were still many highlighted moments, filled with epiphanies and blessings. At the end of the day, I choose to “focus” on the good things ~ the positive. Because through it ALL, there’s still a lot of GOOD❤️
Here’s a video I made of all of the best highlighted moments for us through a tough year for many. I’m not dismissing the pain or struggles. I’m just simply refocusing and being mindful of the present. All we have is now ~ today ~ this moment. We’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Life is precious, so enjoy it now and those you love.
What were the great, highlighted moments or blessings for you this year? I know they’re there. Please share them here below in the comments. I’d love to hear about it! Let’s spread some light, love and cheer going into the New Year!!
For me (here they are)
  • I saw Oprah live first of the year!
  • My sister had her book launch at Books & Books in Coral Gables.
  • We gained two new amazing kitties to the clan ~ Marlo Brando and Willow Nugget!
  • My book (the sequel) came out on April 28th!!
  • My best friend moved back home to Florida.
  • I had a glamorous photo shoot with my fav gals?
  • We became great friends with our neighbors.
  • We bought a brand new BMW (my dream car)!!!
  • My son graduated Kindergarten, gained therapy and a whole lot more growth!!
  • We celebrated birthdays and special occasions as a family and had beautiful moments of togetherness through it all.
  • I saw Jerry Seinfeld live (pre-Covid, of course)
  • My husband and I celebrated 14-years or marriage and had romantic date nights.
  • We ate Joe Stone Crab claws (that’s always a plus)??
  • We’ve drank way too much good wine, ate too much, adding lots of walks and talks, laughs and cries on a daily.
  • I did a lot of things virtually ~ including homeschooling, author visits, Hollywood Pitch Festivals, and endless Zoom meetings!
  • Bella turned 10 and Lorenzo turned 6.
  • We gained friends, near and virtually.
  • I became a social media ambassador.
  • I voted!!
  • Bella caught her first fish?
  • I threw away many masks, but gained some good bling bling ones✨
  • I designed and LLC’d a make-up line and decided to go back to school to become a make-up artist!!!
  • I pitched Hollywood and got leads. I started “Rainbow Crystal” as a screenplay!!
  • We’ve had gorgeous weather ~ lots of hanging poolside, jacuzzi, or at the beach ~ and a great family trip to Sarasota!?? Our big red golf cart as been quite the blessing this year too?
  • We had a very wet, yet spooktacular Halloween?
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas were both beautiful, memorable, and fun! And so will be the New Year‼️
  • We watched lots of good Netflix shows, but the best was watching the once in a full blue moon, eclipses, many rainbows, sunsets, and Saturn and Jupiter become one?
  • My family opened up it’s second group-home in Cooper City.
  • Life is good; we are blessed.
  • We stayed healthy and virus free?
Happy New Year, Everyone!! Wishing you all good health, prosperity, abundance, and blessings in 2021‼️??